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Author Topic: ALMOST THERE: Chapter II 04212014| MEET THE CHARACTERS  (Read 956 times)


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« on: April 10, 2014, 09:17:16 PM »
Almost There

How can something end in a blink of an eye before it even started?

That was the case for 21 year-old Casey Lejano. Being highly guarded and reserved, it was rare for her to become close to guys. Then she met her 23 year-old colleague, Kean Vallejo, who managed to slowly let her guard down. From awkward beginnings which led to a secure and deeper connection, Casey actually  thought that Kean could be her first everything, considering that she’s never had a boyfriend-- let alone a guy who shared a deep and close connection with her.

However, somewhere along the way, at the depth of their growing relationship, Kean just started drifting away; and Casey had no idea why, leaving her hanging, hurt and broken.

Will one of them risk it all and push it even further? Will they end everything? Or will they just leave it as is—unanswered and unknown?

Hello guys!  :D It feels good to be back here in Teentalk (though I'm not really a teen anymore haha), especially here in Creative Corner. It's really been awhile. I'm not gonna tell who I was from before (guess who. chos!) but I did write some stories here, which I all deem to be experimental. Teehee.

Anyway, I've decided to give writing another try. So I'm back with this short story. I don't know how this will go especially now that there aren't much people here in Teentalk but I guess it wouldn't hurt to start little by little. So, just feel free to read. Comments will be very much appreciated! :)
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Re: ALMOST THERE- 04102014
« Reply #1 on: April 11, 2014, 07:08:18 AM »
Hello sis! Very catchy ang prologue ;) tapos yung tagline, very heartbreaking. support ko yung story mo :) sana lang bago matapos ang story mo ehh hindi pa ubos ang dugo ko ;) we'll be waiting for your next update :>
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Re: ALMOST THERE: Prologue 04112014
« Reply #2 on: April 11, 2014, 05:42:10 PM »
I really love the prologue :) I have a feeling na this will be the story na makakarelate ang lahat :) ako nga, tag line pa lang, nakakarelate na ako haha :)


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Re: ALMOST THERE: Prologue 04112014
« Reply #3 on: April 11, 2014, 05:48:18 PM »
Hello sis! Very catchy ang prologue ;) tapos yung tagline, very heartbreaking. support ko yung story mo :) sana lang bago matapos ang story mo ehh hindi pa ubos ang dugo ko ;) we'll be waiting for your next update :>

Hi!! Thank you very much, girl. :) And because you're my first reader, ito na agad ang next update. ;) Enjoy! :)

I really love the prologue :) I have a feeling na this will be the story na makakarelate ang lahat :) ako nga, tag line pa lang, nakakarelate na ako haha :)

Hello! :) Aww, it's nice to hear that you can relate. Though actually, synopsis pa lang iyon. Hehe. I guess I can say...welcome to the club? Char! Hehe. Anyway, here's the real prologue. I hope you'll enjoy!^^


It’s funny how someone can suddenly make you feel special then disappear all of a sudden just because they feel like it.

Tears are threatening to fall down my face, as another disturbing series of tidal waves occurred within the walls of my stomach. I don’t understand why I feel these things. It’s not like I even have any right to feel this pain. 

Yet I still do anyway.

And I just couldn’t help it, because even if I try to deny it, it couldn’t be taken away that there was once a spark that both of us shared, or at least I thought we did.

I couldn’t help but wonder what went wrong. How can something that has not yet even started end in a blink of an eye?

My thoughts were disrupted when I heard my phone ringing inside my bag and as I took it out, my heart sank as the screen flashed the name of that man who broke my heart.

Kean Vallejo

I pressed the reject button with no hesitation and switched the device off. Bwisit. Is he really that insensitive?

I set it aside on the table beside my bed before I lied down, my face staring blankly at the sky painted ceiling. My face was tense and hard as my jaws were clenched as I tried to fight off the tears from falling down. I don’t usually cry. Crying is a form of defeat. I’m not called the ice princess for nothing.

But then, being an ice princess does have its consequences, such as the current situation that I’m in right now. Was I too hard on him, as what my other friends would tell me? Did he think I was not reciprocating?

But all I wanted was too guard my heart. I didn’t want to give away too much, but then I guess it’s pointless because I still failed to do so. I still got hurt.

How could have I not foreseen this? How could have I let my guard down? A part of me already knew that this was going to happen but why did I still let myself fall anyway?

Suddenly, there was a short knock coming from my bedroom door. It slowly opened, revealing the petite and slim figure of Maxine, my roommate/well-trusted confidante.

Casey?” She called out softly.

I slowly rose up from my bed, and sat down with my shoulders slumped. I looked at Maxine from where she was standing, as I tried to keep my composure.

Are you okay?” She asked with worry as she sat down beside me.

I’ll be okay.” I managed to say with a small, sad smile. I didn't need to explain further as she already knew what I meant.

She placed a hand on my shoulder. “When I see him, I’ll make sure to kick his a-ss for you.

As she said that, I couldn’t help but laugh a little, and at the same time, the tears and sobs that I’ve been trying to suppress for the last few hours had finally come out.

And for the first time since we’ve met, Maxine actually saw me cry. I don’t really like it when people see me in this state. I don't want their pity.

I’m so sorry you have to see me like this, Max.” I tried to laugh as I wiped away the tears.

She just watched me with sad eyes as she gently caressed my back. She is the only one who knows about what I’m going through with Kean. It sucks how I am crying over the fact that he’s already in love with another girl, when in fact it never became us officially.

Or I don’t know. There are a lot of questions going on inside my head now. Was I the only one who thought of it that way? Sometimes I couldn’t help but think whether his actions were intentional or unintentional. But if they weren’t real, how come the heart felt otherwise? As they say, “Actions speak louder than words”. But then there’s also a saying that goes as “Never assume unless otherwise stated”.

Which one should have I followed?

Theories? Speculations? Comments? Violent reactions? Chos. Haha!

Chapter 1 coming soon. :)
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Re: ALMOST THERE: Prologue 04112014
« Reply #4 on: April 11, 2014, 06:18:27 PM »
Now I'm getting more curious na talaga haha... what happened kaya hehe...

I can really relate to Casey hehe. She's like a fiction version ng sarili ko... how I see the story kasi is close sa isang personal experience char  :D

Pero anyways, ang ganda ng real prologue haha. Keep up the good work  ;D


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Re: ALMOST THERE: Prologue 04112014
« Reply #5 on: April 11, 2014, 11:23:43 PM »
You're back baby dongsaeng <3 <3 :D :D Super loved the writing. Alam mo yan! You're in your element. Kumbaga you're home. Keep up the good work <3 This unnie is very proud of you :">
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Re: ALMOST THERE: Chapter I 04132014
« Reply #6 on: April 13, 2014, 02:29:22 PM »

14 months ago
August 30,2013

Oh dear. No! This can’t be. I can’t be late! Oh my gosh! I can’t afford to be late. At least not today! It’s Friday, the last working day of the week and it’s the second to the last day of the month which means that it’s also the last day for perfect attendance incentive. We employees are entitled to get two thousand pesos additional if we arrive at the office at least fifteen minutes before 9am for the whole month of August. It’s a special incentive project initiated by the HR department in celebration of E-LITE Publications 10th year in the business, and it was also a way in hopes of lessening the tardiness among employees. Two thousand pesos is already a big thing! At least for someone like me who’s really keen on saving up for an upcoming trip to Singapore! It’s always been a dream of mine to go on a trip with my college friends. Though my parents can afford to pay for me, this time I really want to use my own money this time especially now that I’m officially a part of the working force.  Thank goodness to Cebu Pacific’s promo fares.  For starters like me, it would be very helpful for my budget.

I was almost out of breath when I reached the line at the elevator. The elevator was currently coming down from the 20th floor. Good thing the elevator service in our building was quick. I was third on the current line, and when I glanced on my watch, I breathed a sigh of relief as I still had 10 minutes left before the cut-off.

Hey Casey.” A familiar perky voice said behind me.

Oh, hi Eunice!” I greeted back brightly. “Ikaw lang pala.”

Eunice is one of the few people I would consider as my friend here in the company. She made me feel welcome and at ease ever since I started working here three months ago. She belongs to the Training Department, which just shares the same room as the HR department , so you could say that we’re kind of neighbors to one another in an office setting. She’s two years older than I am and she’s been with the company for almost two years now.  She was the Training Officer, while I was the new HR Assistant.

After that short exchange of greetings from Eunice, a familiar fellow walked up behind her and covered her eyes.

Oh my gosh. I can’t see.” Eunice gasped in surprise and I just wanted to laugh at the moment. I wasn’t even surprised anymore.

I glanced up the person covering Eunice’s eyes and he gestured for me to keep quiet.

Ha! Typical Luke. I just shook my head at him as if to say whatever. He works under the Sales Department, and he happens to be Eunice’s boyfriend for one year.

Luke?” Eunice asked knowingly as she felt his hands on her eyes. “Get your heavy hands off of my eyes!” Of course, how could she not recognize her boyfriend’s hands? Haha!

Luke laughed and did as he was told. He then cupped both of his hands on Eunice’s cheeks as he gave her a kiss on the forehead.

Ooh. Get a room.” A male’s teasing voice came from behind Luke who then turned around to face him.

Ay naku. Nandyan na naman ung epal.” Eunice said in mocked bitterness with a grin.

Inggitero!” Luke retorted jokingly back at his friend with a light punch on the shoulder.

Sup dude?”  The new guy grinned as he and Luke high fived one another.

Oh, it’s that guy. He also belongs to the Sales department with Luke. I know him by face but I don’t remember his name. He’s a little shorter than Luke but taller than Eunice and I. He has a fair skin and chinito eyes. He’s quite good looking I must admit but no, thanks. I’m not really interested. It’s not that I’m judging a book by its cover but actually, I have a big feeling that he’s a jerk, and I don’t really like him. We’ve already been introduced once (by Luke and Eunice) during my second week in the company but I guess it was just done out of formality because we never really greeted one another whenever we would cross paths. I believe we even forgot each other’s names.

Okay, I have a confession. Actually, I often see him around. I see him a lot in the clinic, which also shared the same room with the HR and Training Departments. He was always talking to Clarisse, the pretty company nurse, and not that I’m a meddlesome person but I think they kind of have a thing. They seem…intimate. Or they’re probably just really close. I don’t know. Don’t care. There would also be times when he’s lounging with Luke at the Training Department where Eunice’s office is.

Anyway, apart from that, I saw him a couple of times within our neighbourhood. No idea if he lives there or just visiting a friend, but I rarely saw him there before. Though I’m a really nice person, I felt hesitant to greet him first. He looked like a total snob. I know he saw me too because our eyes met. I tried to smile at him, but he just looked at me with that snobby expression of his then looked away. I’m not sure if I should have smiled more but it doesn’t matter because I don’t think I’ll ever do that again. If he doesn’t like me, then fine. His stoic expression makes it seem like the problems of the world is on his shoulders. And sorry, but I don’t do bad vibes.

Hey, taga-Four Seasons Village ka rin pala.” Mr. Snobby Dude called to my attention just as when I was about to look at the other side.

I did a double look around me to make sure that he was actually talking to me. And apparently, I do live in Four Seasons Village so I guess he’s really talking to me.

Okay, that’s surprising.

Uh, yea. I am.” I answered back politely.

Me too! Wait, what’s your name again?” He asked again, his eyebrows furrowed as if he was trying his best to remember.

Ha! I knew it. I’ve been here in the company for three months. Our paths have crossed for a lot of times, but he didn’t know my name. Well, so did I. Haha!

I noticed Luke and Eunice exchanging looks, but I don’t know what that meant as I just saw it from my peripheral view. It was probably just my imagination so I ignored it.

Casey. Casey Lejano. And you?

Kean Vallejo.

Okay, Kean. So that’s his name.

What street do you live in?” He asked again. Luke stepped sideways as Kean tried to lean a bit forward.

Spring-Cherry Blossoms.Ikaw?

Really? I live in Winter- Pine Tree.” Kean said amusedly.

Oh okay. So we really live in the same village. And wow! His street is just three blocks away from my street!

I see. It’s a very small world then.” I remarked, sounding amused as well.

Now there’s just one thing I’m curious about.  I just want to confirm something. “How did you know that I live there?

Actually I saw you a few weeks ago for a couple of times but I just didn’t know how to approach you.” He explained with what seemed to be a genuine, warm smile, two deep dimples emerging from the two corners of his cheeks. His chinito eyes were also smiling, making it seem like his eyes have disappeared.

Okay, so it’s true that he really saw me, but I guess he didn’t mean to ignore me. His aura kind of lightened up for me, especially after he smiled.

 So…now that it’s all cleared up, I hope this could be a start of something new.


The rest of the day felt as if life was on fast forward mode because it’s almost time-out already! Everyone’s excited because it’s a Friday, and since it’s the end of the month, it also means hello payday!

It’s already 5:30pm on the clock and in thirty minutes we’ll be free. Surprisingly, I did not have much work for today, compared to the past few days, wherein I had to do some overtime as well. I assisted in processing some of the insurances and loans. I also did some routing and well, most of the time today I just did some filing of important documents, such as the leaves and certification, and then the updating of 201 files.

Ah, I just couldn’t wait to get home and catch up on some sleep. Or well, maybe catch up on some episodes of Once Upon A Time or How I Met Your Mother. I just wanted to relax.

Casey!” Eunice sounded ecstatic as she came on my desk.

She’s so hyper as always.

Hey, what’s up?” I asked as I closed the 201 file cabinet.

Are you doing anything after work?

Hmm…none naman. I’m just gonna head home. Why?

Oh! That’s great then. You’re coming with us for dinner.” She said convincingly, as if she wouldn’t take no for an answer.

But wait, by ‘us’, did she mean she and Luke? Oh come on!

With you and Luke? Well…thanks for the offer. It sounds great but I don’t want to be a third wheel between the two of you.” I attempted to decline but Eunice doesn’t seem to give up that easily.

Gaga! You won’t be a third wheel.” Eunice laughed. “There’s gonna be four of us. Kean’s coming too.

I just mouthed an “oh” in response.

So, it’s just dinner, right?” I asked, but for some reasons, I suddenly felt stupid for doing so.

Well, unless you want to drink too.” Eunice teased.

Oh no no! I don’t drink.” I laughed. “Dinner’s fine.


The four of us--- Luke, Eunice, Kean and I--- went to Bonifacio Global City to grab some dinner. We ended up going to T.G.I.F, which was totally fitting for the theme of the day. It was a great dinner overall, but being the newbie in the group, there were times when I felt awkward. Being awkward is in my genes apparently. Besides, I’m only close to Eunice, and though I get to talk to Luke at times, their bond is still different, and especially there’s also Kean. So, it’s like three vs. one.

However, I had to give them the credits for making me feel comfortable. Maybe it’s too early to tell but Kean is not really as bad as I originally thought him to be. He seems…friendly and whenever Luke would make me the subject of the joke, Kean also would join in on the teasing. And surprisingly, he didn’t seem to be trying so hard.

After dinner, we went to Jamba Juice to have a “healthy dessert”, as Eunice had put it. 

Miss HR, libre naman diyan.” Luke said teasingly yet again. This guy just really likes to annoy me like how a big brother would annoy his little sister.

Onga. Since your assigned lang din naman in handling our payrolls.” Kean chimed in.

Kapal mo talaga, dude. Libre  ka agad, ngayon mo lang kinausap ung tao.” Luke told his best friend with much honesty that Eunice and I laughed out loud in response.

Nahiya naman ako sa iyo. Parang ikaw di mahilig sa libre.” Kean retorted back with a guilty grin.

Hep hep! Magsitahimik nga kayong dalawa, or else I’ll give you two a memo for behaviour misconduct.” I threatened jokingly but still made them speechless for awhile.

We all laughed afterwards though, and I still didn’t treat them as well after telling them I won’t be responsible for their salary disputes in the next payroll day.

How do you go home from work?” Kean suddenly asked as we stood up from our chairs, preparing ourselves to go home. Surprisingly, it’s been a fun, long night. It’s almost 11pm now.

Um, I take the cab.” I replied, after taking the last sip of raspberry juice from my cup.

Kean looked at me wide-eyed, as if what I said was something out of this world. “Seriously? Just by yourself?

There’s nothing wrong with that…right?

Uh, yea.” I said casually.

Have you tried taking the jeepney or FX?

Nope. I don’t know the way that much eh.

How much are you usually paying from Taguig to Ortigas?

Hmm…Around P140.

He flinched at the mention of the price. “That’s quite heavy on your part.

Yea. I guess so, but I don’t have any choice. Plus, it’s the easiest and fastest way to go home.

On the way out, Luke and Eunice were walking with their arms linked in front of us, while Kean and I were walking behind them in silence, with some distance between us.

If you want, let’s go home together.” Kean said all of a sudden that I nearly tripped on my steps.

But thank goodness, I didn’t.

Ha?” I asked him, and I bet I looked dumbfounded infront of him.

Sabay na tayo umuwi so you can also save up on your fare. We’re living in the same area anyway.

I was at a loss for words. Okay, I wasn’t really expecting that. Not that I’m putting any malice to it, but I’m not really comfortable with the idea. Because first of all, he’s a guy--- a guy I barely know at that---and I have trust issues with guys. I’m not used to being with other men other than my family members. Second, I’d really feel awkward to be left alone with him because I’m awkward with people I’m not close with. It’ll feel different without Eunice and Luke. Lastly, well… it just leads back to reason number one.

Well, I know he meant well with the offer, and it was a very kind thought of him. However, I’m not really comfortable…yet.

Ah…eh, ikaw. Be my guest.” I said vaguely. I didn’t want to say straight out no because I didn’t want to be rude.

For the meantime, let’s just see what I could do about this.

Oh wait!” Eunice suddenly said in a high pitched voice. “Aww, I’m really craving for some Original Glazed donuts right now!

We stopped on our tracks as we passed by Krispy Kreme. Then an idea suddenly came into my mind. Hmm…

I think I already know how I can escape this impending awkward situation.

Again, feel free to leave your theories. ;D Haha!

Chapter 2 is coming up soon.

The story can now also be seen on Wattpad. :) CLICK ME.


Now I'm getting more curious na talaga haha... what happened kaya hehe...

I can really relate to Casey hehe. She's like a fiction version ng sarili ko... how I see the story kasi is close sa isang personal experience char  :D

Pero anyways, ang ganda ng real prologue haha. Keep up the good work  ;D
Well, here's the how it all started, and more will unfold in the coming chaps. ;) Thanks for reading! :)

You're back baby dongsaeng <3 <3 :D :D Super loved the writing. Alam mo yan! You're in your element. Kumbaga you're home. Keep up the good work <3 This unnie is very proud of you :">
Yes unnie, I feel like I'm back home! :D Iyon lang, parang ghost town pa rin talaga. ;D Haha! Thank you unnie! :">
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Re: ALMOST THERE: Chapter II 04212014
« Reply #7 on: April 21, 2014, 06:51:13 PM »

September 2, 2013

Okay. So I managed to go escape from Kean.

I went home alone last Friday night. Eunice and I bought Krispy Kreme donuts while Kean and Luke strolled around, and waited somewhere nearer the parking area. I asked Eunice to just tell them that I received an “emergency” call from my best friend/roomie, Maxine, that I had to go and rush back home, which was true.

Well, fine. Just partially true. It wasn’t really an emergency call. Maxine just called to ask me where I was at the moment because she said it felt weird that I wasn’t home early. So I just took advantage of that phone call, rather than do my original plan which was just plain stupid. Let’s not even go there anymore.

So technically speaking, I didn’t really ditch Kean. Besides, I did tell him “be my guest.” And he didn’t say that we’d go home together starting that night. Anyway, my sudden disappearance last Friday night might have given him an indication that I declined his offer. Oh well, he must have forgotten all about it anyway. I don’t think he’d ask me again. He did pass by my room for a couple of times though. For all I know, it’s because of Clarisse.

Anyway, since it’s a Monday, there are many works to accomplish. It’s quite a busy day.

Later that day, after lunch time, I went back to my room right away to continue working. I was in the middle of composing an email to a prospect job applicant regarding the details of the interview on Thursday when I suddenly heard a knock on my door.

I looked up and was surprised to see Kean standing there, both his hands inside his pants’ side pockets. I felt my heart thudding a little on my chest. Please let this be not about last Friday. I was about to say something when he pre-empted me.

Sabay na tayo mamaya.” He said with finality.

Okay…well, so much for greetings.

 I stared at him for awhile, trying to come up with an answer. Not this again! Why is it so hard to say no? Because you don’t want to come off as rude. Oh yea.

Ah, eh…” I stuttered as I tried to face back my screen. “Ikaw bahala.

Sige na, sabay na tayo.” He insisted again, the tone of finality still not fading.

I glanced at him again, and I felt something softening inside of me as my eyes met with his.

Hmm, well come and think of it, it would really help me save a lot. And at least I would have a companion. Though I’ve already gotten used to going home alone, the fear that something bad might happen to me still exists.

Sabay na tayo ah?” He repeated yet again. Shocks, di rin siya makulit ah. “Later. Okay?

After much deliberation and persuasion, I sighed and nodded my head at him. “Okay.

Great. I’ll see you later then.” He said with a half-smile then left.

Hmm, that was…odd.

I shook the thought off my head then I looked back on my screen and resumed with my work.

Another day ended at work and compared to the other days of the week, I felt extra drained today. I just couldn’t wait to go home and rest.

Oh yea, which reminded me… Kean. We’re supposed to go home together. To be honest, I still wasn’t comfortable with the idea when I said okay earlier, but I felt like I had no choice. He just wouldn’t stop.

Maybe I could just find a way out of this again. If he asks me the next day, I could just tell him that I waited for a long time, and I thought he already went home.

However, a part of me felt hesitant to do that.

Aigoo, what to do?

I just finished packing my things when there was a short knock on my door again, and when I looked up, there was Kean already, with his brief case.

Let’s go. You ready?” He asked me.

For some reasons, I felt myself blush. I’m not really used to this. Miss Sophia, the HR Officer, was still in the room. She peeked her head out and was surprised to see Kean there.

Oh, hello Kean! Napadaan ka. Improving ang attendance natin lately ah.” Miss Sophia joked then looked at me. “Number one contender natin yan pagdating sa tardiness.

Hmm, I wonder why.

Really?” I just laughed along with them.

Well, he used to be.” Miss Sophia said.

You know what they say, bad habits are hard to break.” Kean said with a guilty smile.

But at least you’re getting there. Keep it up!” Miss Sophie said encouragingly. “So, anyway, what brings you here?

Ah, I was just waiting for Casey po.” Kean said as he pointed at me, and Miss Sophia kind of gave an amused expression.

Oh, you’re going home together?" She asked again as she alternately looked at us for an answer.

Okay, this is becoming awkward.

Yes po. It just so happened that we live near each other.” Kean answered again.

I just nodded my head in agreement.

Okay. Take care then you two.” Miss Sophie smiled at us and we both bade her goodbye.

Kean and I then walked out of the room, and I was expecting he’d stop by the clinic for Clarisse but to my surprise, he didn’t. We just walked straight ahead and out of the room. Ooh, now that’s odd. Before my mind can think of any reasons about that, I had to give myself a mental note that it’s none of my business. Maybe it’s better to ask him…Or maybe not. We just met anyway, and I don’t want to be nosy about his private life.

Or wait, maybe I can ask Eunice.

No. Actually, never mind.

Once we were out of the building, I found myself heading out towards the direction of the Taxi Bay when Kean suddenly called to my attention.

We’re going to the parking lot, missy.” Kean said as he pointed towards the right direction.

Oh, sorry. Haha.” I said as we turned to the other side.

Wait. Parking lot?

You have a car?” I asked in sudden realization.

Nope. I have a six-wheeler truck.” He said blankly.

My eyebrows furrowed at his mention.

Just kidding.” He said with a sheepish smile, his deep dimples emerging once again.

Wow ah.” I said lamely in response. I told you, I’m an awkward being.

Yes, I do. I didn’t bring it last Friday nga lang cos of the number coding.” He explained.

It didn’t take long when we reached his car, which was a sleek, maroon Hyundai Santa Fe. He clicked on the remote key and at the sound of the beep, the locks opened. He opened the door of the front seat where he gestured for me to sit down.

Okay, infairness. Chivalry is not yet dead indeed. Gentlemen still do exist. However, I still couldn’t help but feel even more awkward. I didn’t expect he’d have a car, and that I’d even sit infront, beside him. If I sat at the back, he might get offended. Besides, he already opened the door for me. So what choice do I have?

As soon as I sat down, he closed the door, then went to the driver’s side. He shoved his suitcase at the back seat then buckled his seat belt up, which I also followed.

Kean started the engine and then we sped off.

The traffic in C-5 was terrible which meant that we might be stuck on the road for an hour or so. Also, it just meant spending more time with Kean.

What school did you graduate from?” He asked, as we continued the small that we’ve been having since earlier.

Ateneo. And you?

Oh, the archenemy! I’m from DLSU Taft.

Wow! Archenemies indeed.” I said with a chuckle, and he laughed along with me.

So you finished BS Psych, right?


So you’re good in reading other people’s minds?

I laughed yet again. “Grabe. Hindi naman. We were more like trained to read people’s behaviour, not the mind. That’s a common misconception among us Psych students.

Too bad. I was gonna ask you read what’s in my head right now.” Kean said while his left arm leaned on the window.

Hmm… something tells me you have one complicated mind.” I said, trying to build up on some sense of humor.

He chuckled at me as he stepped on the gas pedal, the car moving an inch from where we last stopped. “You’re good.

It took us around an hour and a half before we got to Ortigas. Screw that traffic along C-5. Thank goodness that the ride going here wasn’t as awkward as I originally deemed it to be. Kean was a natural conversationalist. He made me feel comfortable throughout the whole time, and surprisingly, we never ran out of topics to talk about. We talked about ourselves, our families and well, it was basically like a getting-to-know you conversation. Normally, I would feel awkward in such times, but I just didn’t at the moment.

House number?” Kean asked as soon as we entered our subdivision’s main gate.

Ah, no need na. I’ll just walk from here na lang. Thanks!” I said as I started to unbuckle my seatbelt but Kean’s hand stopped me from doing so.

As if I’ll let you do that. Anong street number nga?” He insisted yet again, not getting his hand off the top of mine.

I wanted to hesitate again but there was something in his gaze that made me hold my tongue back.

54.” I finally gave in.

He smiled as he took his hand off mine then turned the wheel to the right where my street was. It didn’t take long until we reached our purple boarding house. It wasn’t that big but it was spacious enough for Maxine and I.

Speaking of Maxine, if she saw me, I just got the feeling that she’ll interrogate me as soon as I stepped inside.

Good thing your house is not that hard to find.” Kean muttered beside me as soon as he stepped on the breaks.

Hey, thank you very much again.” I said as I unbuckled my seatbelt for real.

Wait, what should I say next? Should I invite him inside? Or no, that might be too early, and awkward. But…but… Oh man, what do I do?!?!?!

Sure, no problem. So, I’ll see you tomorrow. Okay?” Kean said, his hands propped on the steering wheel.

Okay. You take care.” I said as soon as I stepped down from his car.

I waved at him one last time before closing the door, then I waited for him to sped off our driveway before I went inside our house. As I did so, I couldn’t help but go in with an amused smile on my face.

Infairness, it felt really great talking to him.
Okay, try lang ako nang try. :D Haha! Hope to also see you guys on Wattpad. :)

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