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Author Topic: Goddess of Mischief and Chaos [Please Try??]  (Read 3994 times)


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[ENTRY 12]
« Reply #30 on: April 04, 2014, 09:25:14 PM »
[Entry 12]

“So.. ..What’s your plan about Kyle??.. You’ll definitely see him once we’re back to the big city. You can’t avoid him.”

“I still have no idea, Vex.”


♪ *  Here we go, come with me
There's a world out there that we should see
Take my hand, close your eyes
With you right here, I'm a rocketeer  * ♪


| Accept | Reject |

[Hey, Alex!! What’s up!!??]

“Hey, Louise.. When are you gonna be back??”

[Soon, pouty boy.. haha.. So.. Have you thought about.....]


[Yeah.. What’s your plan??]

“I’m still thinking about it.”

[It’s rare for you to think things out.. Alexy wexy.]

“Haha.. You’re making fun of me again, huh. Well.. about that.. I have to.. Don’t I??”

[I know.]


“Heyyy!! Let me carry those for you.”

“No. I’m fine. You don’t have to, Cyan.”

“Oh pleeeaaassseee.. (*^*)  ..I want to do this.” Lumapit siya sakin at pilit na nakipag agawan saken sa mga bag na dala ko.

“Oh please, Cyan. I can manage.”

“But I can’t.” he said at sa hindi ko malamang paraan ay nakuha na niya sa mga kamay ko ang mga dala kong bag.
And he put all of my bags sa top rack sa itaas ng inuupuan ko.

Para kasing bus ang sasakyan but it’s just a coaster (A car like a bus pero maliit na version.).

I took my seat beside the window and Cyan took the vacant seat beside me.

He’s too clingy. (-_-)

Bale.. ganito ang pwesto namin.

| 'Driver' |                                               |Manager|
|       -      |       -      |       "      |       -      |       -      |
|   'Mitt'  |   Cyan   |       "      | Mem 4 |   'Vexy   |
|       -      |       -      |       "      |       -      |       -      |
| Mem 3 |        -      | Mem 1 |       -      | Mem 2 |

Ganyan ang upo namen at sa tingin ko..
Magiging magulo ang biyahe namin.

Good thing at dala ko ang earphones ko.

Pero bago ko pa mailagay ang earphones ko..
Nang mag-start ang sasakyan, nagsimula nadin ang ingay.

“Alright!! *Clap Clap* We all know everyone and Vexy, of course.. but the lovely girl beside Cyan is still new to us. Mind if we ask some.. dits??” said by their manager.

So I stood up at nagsimulang humagilap ng hangin at ng mga sasabihin ko.

“Whooh!! Go Mitt!!” Hiyaw ni Vexy.

“Uhmm.. Demitri Debbie Gonzales. 19 years old. 3rd year college at Knightleigh Academy. And hates men.” And their faces suddenly changed impression from seriously listening to shocked faces.

I gathered enough air and released it and continued my sentences with, “But certainly except those from “Contradiction”.”

At lahat sila ay parang nakahinga ng maluwag from an air tight situation.


Jogging around the park is what I do if I have some time.

And it’s just 6:00a.m.
A perfect time to jog.

♪ *  Here we go, come with me
There's a world out there that we should see
Take my hand, close your eyes
With you right here, I'm a rocketeer  * ♪


| Accept | Reject |

“Hello.” I greeted as soon as I answered my cellphone.

[Hi, Alex. Any progress??]

“Nah.. Still thinking about it.”

[Well.. You have to think fast. We’ll be home in no time. And.. dumadami na ang mga kakumpitensya mo kay Mitt. You have to step up your game.]

“I know.”


Mukha namang masaya si Mitt kasama si Cyan.
I just hope he won’t break her like her past did.

“Hi, Ms. Beyotipul.” Anya nitong katabi kong si Phoenix.

Kahit kelan napakaloko talaga nitong lalaking to.
Bakit bas a lahat ng makakatabi ko ay siya pa.


Anyways, balik tayo kay Mitt.

Masusunod pa kaya ang plano ko kung andyan na si Cyan??
Si Cyan na kaya ang matagal ko nang hinihintay para mapabago si Mitt??

Paano nalang si Kyle??


After the long hours of the trip..
Sa wakas at nakauwi nadin ako.

I can’t stand to be with Cyan any longer.. (-_-)
He’s too nosy.

At the moment I stepped out of the car..
I faced my house and made a huge inhale and exhale.

I think I’m ready to face tomorrow..
And Kyle.

I went in through the front door and quickly searched for my mom.

“Hi, ma!! I’m home!!” I greeted excitedly.

“Woah!! You look so joyful, bright and happy. What happened to you?? Are you really my daughter??” My mom said with such glittering eyes.

“Really?? Hmmn.. Maybe because of the atmosphere and the fresh air there.” I said and added, “I’ll just go upstairs and unpack my stuffs.”

“Ok dear.” She said and I hurriedly went to my room.

As soon as I entered my room, I sat on the corner of my bed and took out the brown envelope where all the information about Kyle is.

And think to myself..
Is this the best thing I can do??
Is this the best way??

Ha!! What am I worrying about!!??
I’m Demitri Debbie Gonzales, the Goddess of Mischief and Chaos, and I know I can do this.


“Hi tita!!” I greeted Mitt’s mother.
Iwan ba naman ako.

Pagkababa niya ng sasakyan eh dire-diretso siyang pumasok at hindi man lang ako inintay. (-_-)
Nakakatampururut siya.. (T-T)

“Oh!! Hi, hija. Pumunta na sa kwarto niya si Mitt. Kung gusto mo, sundan mo nalang.” Sabi ng mommy ni Mitt.

“Ah, talaga po?? Sige po.”
At umakyat nga ako sa kwarto niya.


I knocked and entered her room.
At nakita ko siyang hawak ang mga papel na may laman tungkol kay Kyle.

Nilapitan ko siya at hinawakan sa balikat.
“You’ve got to face him sooner or later.” I said to her in a soft tone.

“I know and I found out a way.” She replied to me.

“What’s your plan, Mitt?” I asked her sincerely.

“*Grin* I’ll make him fall like the other guys did.. and make him pay.”


 :D  :D  :D Happy Vacation!!  :D  :D  :D
Kababalik ko lang ng training at ito na agad ang inatupag.. Hihi.. :)

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Re: Goddess of Mischief and Chaos [Please Try??]
« Reply #31 on: April 20, 2014, 08:07:36 PM »
i wonder kung anong strategy ang gagawin ni Mitt.   ??? ???
Love grows from within one's heart.


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Re: Goddess of Mischief and Chaos [Please Try??]
« Reply #32 on: May 23, 2014, 08:10:21 AM »
i wonder kung anong strategy ang gagawin ni Mitt.   ??? ???

 :o  8)  :o Ano sa tingin mo??  :-X  :-X  :-X
_.+"Black Rose"+._


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