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Okay lang, basta continue lang..
Hindi, MORE PA!!! Solve ko yung case!!!

Author Topic: Re: THE ACADEMY:: 12.3 UPDATED! 13 IS NEXT!  (Read 77340 times)


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« Reply #1185 on: February 14, 2014, 04:58:25 AM »
Nakakabitin pa din but thanks for this valentine's treat


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« Reply #1186 on: March 26, 2014, 09:18:10 AM »
wow!!!  :D  :o

i'm so happy na nag-update ka na sis!! hahaha!!! CAN'T FOR the next chapter  ;) ;) :)


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« Reply #1187 on: April 24, 2014, 08:08:01 PM »
Wah! Finally an update! But im really looking forward to the next chapter already... please please update soon.
I really love the Academy!! Though i want to know what happened on those times when xandi was grounded. Heehee! ^^,
Love your story sis. Please dont stop this.  ;D  ;D


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« Reply #1188 on: May 29, 2014, 10:19:25 AM »
i'm always checking this out for the update. can't wait to read it  ;)  ;)  ;D


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« Reply #1189 on: July 02, 2014, 02:58:27 PM »
Still posting comment here. para always on top hahahahaha...

still waiting I want to solve this mystery :)  :D ;D


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« Reply #1190 on: July 11, 2014, 03:39:11 PM »
hindi ko na talaga bibitwan ang pagiging teentalker , galing nyo!  :)
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Re: The ACADEMY = (( chap 5 UPDATED: read announcement too))
« Reply #1191 on: July 19, 2014, 01:50:30 PM »


The story is not as typical and normal as it seems, various twists and turns were made for you to uncover the reality that stinks...
I hope that you will continue to support this story, as it will present to you a big question of how far would your family go for a forbidden love? How will you react if something was created for you to believe in something founded on LIE.

Do not be deceived by the characters persona, because I definitely assure you...

some of them, are just pretending.






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post na po kayooo. . . . !  :-[ it's getting more excited!


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Magandaaaa! Tuloy mo yan. :)


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« Reply #1194 on: August 31, 2014, 05:49:23 PM »
I am back. ;)
This will be updated today.
I miss you all
! :-* :-* :-*
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(dedicated to Euphe : thank you for supporting all the way sissy. :-* and to candygirl: isang bouquet na pasasalamat!)

Shayne: Oh heavens! Where is she?

Kierra: Where is the queen, Patricia?

Ikinagulat ni Patricia nang makita ang buong package ng Council sa harap nya. Maging ang lukot na mukha ni Ashley na halatang napilitan lang sumama noon.

Patricia: What is happening?

Ashley: Where is the queen? I saw her leaving the Academy with you.

Patricia: Queen? Atasha just left.

Halatang ikinabigla ng lahat ang sinabi nitong iyon. Even Troy himself was too surprised with the sudden onslaught of realization. Atasha…. the great Atasha Madrgial is around?

Troy: A-atasha was… here?

Patricia: She just left.

Yuan: No… not her. Kelly’s queen… where… is Kelly’s queen?

Si Yuan lang ang tanging nakahuma sa lahat ng iyon. His face was filled with so much concern that can never be measured at all. He was talking as if he already knew that Atasha was around the area.

Patricia: Seriously? Why are you asking me? I don’t even know---

Karl: Oh yes you do!!!

Sumisigaw na maging si Karl. Hindi nito nakokontrol ang emosyon. He was getting impatient it is difficult to control him.

Patricia: Seriously, what are you talking about? Sino ako para makaharap o makausap o malaman ang kinaroroonan ng reyna ni Kelly Sy? Geez! People, she isn't even making herself known and yet you---

Patricia suddenly froze in her stance. It was the look of someone seeing and realizing everything all of a sudden.

Sean: And yes… she is. Now, where is she?

Patricia’s eyes dilated in extreme surprise.

Wala syang nagawa nang hablutin ng isang lalaki ang braso nya. Alam nya kung paano ipagtanggol ang sarili nya… alam nya kung paano lumaban… but these are monstrous creatures… and they are around 10 for crying out loud!

“Siguro pwede namang tikman muna natin, diba?”

Halos bumaliktad ang sikmura nya nang mapansin ang isang sa tingin nya sa dise-sais gulang na batang babae. Puno ng luha ang mga mata nito. Kalalabas lang din nito sa maliit na espasyo sa eskinitang iyon. May bahid ng dugo ang damit nito… naipikit nya ang mga mata sa disgusto. How could such a girl suffer this much hardship? Nahuhulaan na nya kung saan nanggaling ang syam na lalaking ngayon ay ngisi aso na. She couldn’t shout anymore…

Paika-ikang naglakad ang labing-anim na taong gulang na babae... anger swarmed every fiber of her system...

Is this what she wanted? Is this the life she wanted? The freedom to walk in her painful and sorrowful ending?

“Hmmmm… pasok na pasok ‘to.”

When another man grabbed her waist, she felt her voice locked in her throat… definitely its far beyond the power she inherited…

“P-please…” and she closed her eyes, praying that it may end just soon.

Gusto nya itong itulak pero hawak nito ang patalim sa kamay nito, tracing her collarbones with the sharp metal that seemed to penetrate her flesh. Wala syang nagawa nang nang itulak sya nito sa basang sahig ng eskinitang iyon na halos naghalo ang pinaghugasan at mapanghing amoy at ng bulok na basura, she felt terror… she felt cold… she felt trembling… for the first time in her life she felt... dying.

“P-pumikit k-ka nalang… m-matatapos din agad.” The 16 year old sobbed.

She was paralyzed beyond words. Is this really… happening? To her? Pumikit? Matatapos din?

 What on earth is this tiny 16 year old who appear almost naked saying to her?

Ipinikit nya ang mga mata sa magkahalong takot at pangamba… naging pangahas sya… naging sobrang pangahas sya. Hindi lang kamatayan ang maghihintay sa taong aalipusta sa kanya ng ganoon. She wanted to shout for these bastards to hear… but who? Who would protect her now that Martin is long gone? Now that her protector is dead? Who would punish and send these daring bunch of lowlife sofanobitches to hell?


When the guy began undressing in front of her, she felt helpless…

Hinawakan ng babaeng iyon ang kamay nya… her eyes emanated the dry and powerless and tortured eyes trying to tell her to just deal with it.

“Indain… indain mo lang ang sakit… mawawala d-din iyan.”

Hindi sya makapaniwala na naririnig dito. Anong sinasabi nito?

“Bilisan mo ‘tsong… susunod pa kaming walo.”

Nanlaki ang mga mata nya sa narinig. The men who had tattoes all over laughed in sync. She felt dying… she felt dying when she saw the man looked at her as if she is some sort of meat to be lavished in the meal.

Eksaktong paghakbang ng lalaking naninigarilyo patungo sa kanya, hindi na nya napigilan ang sarili…

She shouted…

She shouted the man who would send these creatures to hell.


But the man just laughed as he grabbed her arms and pulled her towards him. She shouted when she felt his breath span over her face as he spoke so close…but was unable to hear it though. Nasaan? Nasaan ang mapangahas na boses ng tagapagmana ng ari-arian ni Martine Villarini? Nassan ang boses ng isang Xandria Villarini?

“Sige… tawagin mo ang lolo mo…”

She was horrified when she felt him kissing her cheeks. She winced but he pulled him closer. She can feel the wet trail his daring tongue left her trembling cheeks now wet with tears raging like crazy from her dilated eyes.

Hindi nya inaasahan nang biglang nasampal na lang nya ito. Napangiwi ito sa sakit pero ngumising-aso pa ito habang tinulak sya ulit sa eskinitang iyon. Nalihis ang damit na suot nya, doon dumerecho ang mga mata nito… sa binti nya.

“Wala ka nang… m-magagawa… i-indain mo na lang… i-indain mo na lang ang… sakit.”

The lady was talking to her beween sobs and tears and pain and torture. She was talking to her as if telling her she cannot do anything anymore. For the first time in her life she forgot how it is to breathe even… as she realized the thing that might just happen. Martine is dead. He protector is dead. She has no one. She always has no one.

“Easy ka lang, bata… dadahan-dahanin kita.”

Tumawa ang matabang lalaki. Lumabas ang dilaw na ngipin nito na mangitim-ngitim na. Tinanggal nito ang sinturon at parang demonyong dinilaan ang bibig habang nakatingin sa kanya. As emotions enveloped her that rendered her speechless… naisigaw nya an tanging pangalan ng taong ginusto na nyang limutin.


But he wasn't there....

He isn't there...

He will never ever be there...

Napatili sya nang lumukob sa kabuuan nya ang matabang lalaking naninigarilyo. His weight is of someone she cannot resist. Sumigaw sya at humiyaw… tears rolled down her cheeks in extreme panic and fear... in extreme rage and agony... in extreme... in extreme pain and torture... in extreme disbelief and denial.

But the man wasn't wavered. She continuously resisted as his weight was upon her, asking everything is but a nightmare… but the man didn’t move at all. Maybe she was crying and all because she didn’t see it coming anymore. She didn’t know what was happening... she closed her senses and made her emotion numb as they were before... time happened fast... time had flown so quick... without her knowing... without her realizing... until she figured a trace of blood in her clothes… and wished she just died. :'(



“No one can touch my Queen… you need to go through hell without burning first.”

The familiar voice of the man in front of her seemed an illusion. The weight of the unmoving man was almost impossible…

“Anong--- sino ka?!”

“No one can run… you will all pay  thousandfolds.”

“Bata… huwag kang makialam… ibalato mo nalang ang girlfriend mo kung ayaw mong masaktan.” Saad ng tila ay boss ng grupong iyon.

“I would rather die and bring you to death as well before I let you touch my queen.”

“Queen?" tumawa ang lalaki, "Nahihibang ka na ba? Anong Queen? Reyna? Ang O.A. mo bata." tumawa ulit ito. "Hoy bata… artistahin ka pa naman, ewan ko lang kung kaya mong pumatay ng lamok sa itsura mong iyan… umalis ka na dito habang kaya ko pang maging pasensyoso sa iyo.” Hirit ng lalaking parang kakahitit lang ng drugs.

Dahan –dahan ang naging paglapit nito…


Noon nya namalayan ang duguang estatwa ng lalaking nakadagan sa kanya. Kelly Sy… is there… so as the unmoving man above her who is now suddenly…

spreading a pool of blood on her dress.

Is he still alive?

“Close your eyes… Xandria.”

The girl immediately went towards her and helped her stand.

“P-patay na si Gibo?” shock was evident on another man’s tone.

“Uy, anong sinasabi ni Erap? Patay na si Gibo?” ulit ng mas mabatang lalaki.

Lumapit naman ang isang pandak na lalaki na maitim ang mga kuko…

“Oo Ninoy… m-mukhang p-patay na nga.”

“Now… pray hard… because even demons wouldn’t be able to hear you all…”

She felt panic swarm over those men as they looked over Kelly Sy.

“S-sino ka? S-syam kami!”

But he made to effort to explain further as his features became of someone she didn’t knew even existed at all.

“Kahit labing syam pa kayo… magbabayad kayong lahat. Nagawa nyong kantiin ang daliri ng babaeng ni hindi ko kailanman hinawakan dahil sa takot kung baka magasgasan sya…” nilapitan nito ang lalaking tumingin sa tinawag nitong Gibo, at walang babalang sinapo ang leeg nito, “nagawa nyong paiyakin ang babaeng ni hindi ko kinausap ng normal dahil sa takot kong marinig ang malungkot na boses nya,” nahirapan ng huminga ang lalakeng hawak nito noon na sumasalampak na sa mabantot na sahig na iyon, “and for making her shout my name out of extreme fear and remembering it everytime she sees me because of your demonic intentions, I will never show an ounce of mercy…

who are you to make my queen shout the name I dreamt of hearing… out of fear and disgust?”


“Close your eyes, Xandria… dahil ngayon makikita mo kung paano pinalaki ng isang Martin Villarini ang isang taong handang pumatay para sa prinsesa nya… today, I will all send them for making you cry… to the afterlife.”

“H-hindi mo m-magagawa iyan…” sunod na sabi nang tinawag nitong Erap nang manghilakbot sa nakitang hindi na gumagalaw na lalakeng kanina lang hawak ni Kelly.

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Nanghilakbot si Shayne nang makita ang duguang kamay ni Kelly Sy. Nakatayo ito sa marupok at mabahong eskinitang hindi nya alam kung paano nila pinasok. But she was more horrified to see those men slumped on the floor almost out of life... blood pooling over as if it was just water...

Hindi napigilan ni Kierra ang masuka nang makita ang mga katawan ng mga lalakeng hindi na halos makilala.

metal rod was nearby...

rocks were scattered...

she tried to suppress herself when she felt her tummy just gave in...

Kelly Sy.

Kelly is once again dangerous.

Nasa gilid ang luhaang si Xandria... she was shocked and afraid and stun...
And yet... and yet as all of them fear the man standing before her... all she has was the face of someone who wanted to hug him even.

Agad-agad na kumalat ang security force ng Academy noon. The place was locked from the sight of any creature that exists. She heard calls and orders. the Academy Council is moving again... they are moving again. Dali-dali ring rumesponde noon sina Troy, Karl at Ezekiel. They weren't an ounce surprise or hit... for them it was some sort of normal thing... seeing Kelly Sy like that seemed normal to them.

 Akmang lalapitan pa lang nya si Xandria nang mahinto sya… she wasn't able to take another step when it was Kelly who moved towards her. Those frozen eyes were lethal… he is ready to kill… exactly as he once was... on that night... years ago.


Nang yakapin nito si Xandria, hindi lang gulat ang lumukob sa lahat… Troy was beyond the meaning of any adjective that existed. Karl's eyes narrowed so as Kiel's. The bodyguards engulfed the area... took the girl who was beside Xandria looking at Kelly Sy as if was a monster... instructed her... crash that... ordered her. Indeed... they will order her for the preservation of their name.

“I- I’m sorry…” umiyak ito habang yakap pa rin ito ni Kelly. Noon lang nya napansin ang takot nito... noon lang nya nakita ang panginginig nito... noon lang nya napagtanto na hindi takot ang nararamdaman nito kay Kelly Sy kaiba sa nararamdaman nila.

She would be a hypocrite if she wouldn't say she is afraid. The face of those men were beyond recognition... and in front of her is the man who knows no boundary... pero bakit hindi natatakot si Xandria kung maging si Troy ilag kay Kelly Sy? Bakit umiiyak si Xandria na parang humihingi dito ng tulong at pang-unawa kung maging sya natatakot tingnan ang mga mata ng mismong kaibigan nila ng ilang taon? Bakit nangangapa sila sa sasabihin, iaakto o gagawin samantalang mahigpit na yakap ang tanging sinukli ni Xandria kay Kelly?

She have seen her so happy and so naïve. She has seen her so vibrant and alive… but seeing her trembling almost bathing in tears was something that sent even her to hatred towards those men in the floor.... and yet fear that Xandria Villarini might able to open the secret they are all hiding in the darkest night.

“No matter how much you run from the life you hated… I will always run towards you. You are my queen… and as long as I live… I will protect you.”

Kelly Sy will never speak like that.


“At kung kinakailangan kong harapin ang bangungot ko sa pagkakapatay ng isang tao… masunog na ang kaluluwa ko sa impyerno… dahil kahit mabuhay ang mga iyan, papatayin at papatayin ko sila sa ginawa nila sa iyo.”

What on earth... is happening?

Will he tell her?

“N-no… NO!!!”

Why... why is Xandria reacting? Why is she crying like that?

"Kelly, no!"

Alam ba nito... ang tungkol doon?

“I once killed… and yes it was hell.”

She thought her heart stopped beating... as tear drop before her eyes.

Kelly... is actually telling her?

“Pinagsisihan ko iyon ng buong buhay ko…” he paused, “pero ngayon… now, I found out… that not killing those bastards who did this to you are far worse than killing them all. I would rather be a murderer, someone whose soul will be burnt in the after life, and yet someone who could protect his queen than someone who hasn’t and yet unable to fight for his woman… now that, I am certain I will never ever even for a minute regret at all.”

And after hearing those words… she felt him falling on his knees. She felt him closing his eyes all of a sudden. Noon lang nya napansin… na may bahid ng dugo ang damit nito.

It need not take another second as paramedics moved towards Kelly... preventing her from being surprise anymore... what just happened?

Nasa labas na noon ng VVIP room sina Xandria. Nasa may sofa sya at nakaupo pa rin. Patuloy pa rin ang pagdagsa ng mga dalubhasa sa medisina noon sa isla. Xandria can feel the security hovering even beside them... she can feel the bunch of highly trained guards in the area... she can feel the pain from everyone part of the Council. Nanatiling tahimik ang lahat ng miyembro. Walang sinabi maging sino man sa mga ito. Maging si Yuan na halatang nag-aalala sa kapatid nito… tahimik lang rin sa isang gilid.

“I am so sorry.” tumulo na naman ang luha nya.

Naramdaman nya noon ang haplos ni Kierra sa balikat nya. Ni hindi pa sya nagpapalit ng damit dahil sa insidenteng iyon. Maliban sa coat ni Troy na agad nitong binalot sa kanya. Nabawi nya ang mga kamay mula sa dalawang nurse na umaasikaso sa galos nya. Tumango noon si Karl... dahan-dahang umalis ang mga ito.

“Enough of crying, Xandi. Kung maririnig ka ni Kelly… magagalit iyon.”

“But this… this is entirely my fault!”

“Stop blaming yourself and just rest.” Si Yuan.

"How could I? H-how could I? W-when your brother is there!" nagiging hysterical sya, "f-fighting for his life, alone! H-how could I when this is all my fault!!!" napahikbi na sya sa harapan ng mga ito.

"Xandria---" si Kierra.

"NO! MAGALIT KAYO SA AKIN! M-MAGALIT KAYO.... K-kung nakinig lang ako... k-kung sumunod lang ako... k-kung... kung..."

“Walang may gusto sa nangyari!" Yuan shouted on top of his lungs. "Magalit? Kanino? Sa iyo?" a grin filled with sarcasm was all that he has, "Hindi gugustuhin ng kahit na sinong babae na maranasan ang naranasan mo!  Hindi mo kailan man hinangad na ituring kang hayop ng mga mababang uri na mga taong iyon! Hindi mo kailanman ginusto, kahit isang segundo... lahat ng kawalang-hiyaang ginawa ng mga walang kwentang taong iyon.”

She felt a tear drop from Yuan's eye...

“You have nothing to be sorry of. You are not the one at fault. Kami ang mali. Kami ang may pagkukulang.” Yuan walked and inhaled, "We failed to protect you... we failed to protect not just our Queen... but our friend... our family."

Every word that came from his mouth sent her to the deepest emotion she thought she long casted away.

“I would really kill those assholes.” 

Kiel walked towards her an gently wrapped his arms on her. Umiyak sya sa mga bisig nito habang lumalapit rin sina Shayne at Kierra.

“Comatose ang sampu…” si Shayne, “I couldn’t think of any state much better for them except that state.”

Tiningnan nya ito.

“Kelly is okay, Xandria. Best surgeons on the field are moving over to monitor him. He is fine.”


Lumapit si Sean noon at kinuha ang kamay nya…

“There’s something you should know, Xandria.”

Sean wasn't serious all these times she have known him… pero bakit noong oras na iyon... ibang Sean ang nakatitig sa pagkatao nya? Those faces were the faces of the people who were trying their best to stick to the last thread of hope they are pinning their shoes in. Those faces were the faces of the Council.

“This thing… happened before. Nangyari ito noon nang minsan ay pumunta kami sa ganitong klase ng lugar.”

“ A student… a student got raped…”


Walang nagsalita. She kept staring at them with unbelieving eyes…this isn't possible.

“The Academy is filled with ultra-rich kids, Xandi. We are the bread and butter for those assholes who want a good life. Kaya ipinagbabawal… ang lumayo sa proteksyong inaalay ng paaralan.”

“B-but… its… impossible!napatayo na sya ng wala sa oras, "H-Hindi ito kailanman lumabas---”

“Hindi pwedeng sabihin ni Kaizer noon ang nangyari… hindi naming pwedeng ipalabas iyon sa media dahil masisira ang Academy. The Academy Kaizer tried to protect and nourish…”


“Yes… it was a student… a very pitiful student at that. A student who was rich and yet unable to receive justice…”

“H-how could… how could Kaizer ask that from the girl? How could Kaizer ask it be kept secret?”

Natahimik ang lahat noon… hanggang magsalita si Yuan.

“We never question him… no one does.”

She was draining of energy…

“Isang kalapastanganan ang hawakan man lang ang kamay ng tinitingalang si Kaizer Beringuer.”

“Without Kaizer knowing… the rapist went over and tried to rape another girl, but Kelly Sy was there… he was on that street and so knocked the man to death. Noong una hindi namin naiintindihan kung bakit nya ginawa iyon… why kill for some girl on the street he hardly even know… until the following morning we found out the student was dead. She commited… suicide.”

Pakiramdam nya nanlamig ang pagkatao nya…

“And Kelly Sy… became a murderer.”


“Yes that is true.” Si Yuan. “My brother tried to protect those who cannot protect themselves… he did his parcel of the cake. But it was something referred as foolishness. With our power, wiping an entire clan of such family is as easy as trashing our dirty shirts… so we did. Pilit nyang kinalimutan iyon… it took him months to become a rock filled individual devoid of passion for women… because he was always running from the incident years ago…because no matter what happened, he did kill… and made that person vanish in thin air without any residue… as if it was an animal.”

Huminto ito at tiningnan sya…

“He was always regretful for doing what he did… and so he tried his hardest to run from it…”

“The rapist that he killed… also had a family…” ngumisi si Yuan, “who is still asking until now where their father had been to.”

“I reminded him…” tears broke from my eyes again, “I reminded him of h-his painful p-past.”

Matagal na segundo ang nagdaan bago tumayo si Troy ang tiningnan sya.

“You freed him.” Sapaw iyon ni Troy na noon ay parang hindi nya kilala, “You freed him, Xandria… you showed him that the thing that happened to that poor girl in the past, was not something he should regret… that killing to protect was a right choice. I have never seen him… as free as I saw him yesterday… dahil may isang parte ng pagkatao nya ang nabuksan… ang naging malaya. A man who would rather choose to kill than to let you get hurt… he was evidently hard on that genre. And the moment he wakes up… he will again, see light… that what happened on that fatal night was not something he should regret…

because he gave justice even if it wasn’t heard in the walls and the confinity of the Academy.”

She heard her own sob… she deliberately cried on her palm.

“Now… open your eyes… as you see who the real enemy is.” Dugtong ni Kiel na tila may pagsusumamo, “Find it out yourself… what kind of institution… the Academy is.”

Killing someone’s life… Kelly was in the right track… but disposing it silently as if it never happened… how could Kelly Sy endure such pain and guilt?

Kaizer… she knows him…

pero mali ba ang pagkakakilala nya dito?

What is the Academy… the sole institution where money is all that matters… stand for?

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Thank you for reading!  :-* :-* :-*
Comments are very much appreciated. And btw... I will certainly be posting this Thursday. I would love to hear from you. Ang tagal ko na namang nawala.  ;D ;D ;D

Magandaaaa! Tuloy mo yan. :)

thank you! whats your name?  ;)

hindi ko na talaga bibitwan ang pagiging teentalker , galing nyo!  :)

maraming salamat sa iyo!  :-*

Wah! Finally an update! But im really looking forward to the next chapter already... please please update soon.
I really love the Academy!! Though i want to know what happened on those times when xandi was grounded. Heehee! ^^,
Love your story sis. Please dont stop this.  ;D  ;D

sisssssy! i miss you! hahaha.

post na po kayooo. . . . !  :-[ it's getting more excited!

posted na sis. ;D


nawindang naman ako nang mo yung parang promotional note ko.  ;D ;D ;D maraming salamat sa suporta!



READERS: IMY. Please let me know if you are still reading this. I would really appreciate it alot... that there's still people pinning this over. Marami pang twists! Makikilala nyon pa si ATASHA MADRIGAL.  ;D
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Thanks sa talagang increase sa number of views. ::)
So may nagbabasa pa! ;D
Will be posting this THURSDAY! 8)
THANK YOU FOR READING!!! :-* :-* :-*
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Try it...:)




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