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Author Topic: Stories with .doc copies?-I BET YOU WON'T READ PAGE 54 AND STILL POST YOUR EMAIL  (Read 144320 times)


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Pwede po bang humingi din ako  :-* :-* :-* :-*ng softcopies nyo po, kung pwede sana lahat yung hihingin ko :D ;D

please po, maghihintay po ako, salamat


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Pahingi po ng mga soft copies nyo. Kahit luma na. Hilig ko po kasi ang magbasa kaso ang hirap humanap ng soft copies ee. Thanks :D [email protected] [email protected] [email protected]


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thanks! ;)


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Re: Stories with .doc copies? (WANT TO ASK COPIES OF THIS STORIES?)
« Reply #926 on: April 20, 2014, 07:13:55 PM »
(TITLE OF STORIES IN RED HAVE COPY..if ever meron kayo noong wala pa ako na mga stories..pls.send me copies.thank you!gamsamhamnida.. ;D :D ;) :))
10 Wishes by huntress_rhaine :: synopsis
100 Days?!? by angelayumi09
100 Days For Her Happiness by -xiArA-
101 Reasons by bien_021 :: synopsis
11-ish by vainballerina
11 Ways to Forget Your Ex-Boyfriend by HaveYouSeenThisGirl.
14 Sundays (1o1 Reasons Season 2) by bien_021
24 Signs of Summer by jonaxx
25th Hour by j_harry08
53,000 Steps by prettychq18
548 Heartbeats by peach_xvision :: synopsis
8th World Wonder by angelayumi09

A Diverse Love Story by andiiStar :: synopsis
A Moody Kind Of Love by ShaLLex
A Labyrinth Love by obliviousdarkangel
A Place In This World by .sabon.

A Rich Man's Game by hakyrej_inyourdreams :: synopsis
A Sad Love Story by meena23
Accidentally In Love by tenderheart
Afgitmolfm by .L. :: synopsis
Against All Odds by cute_weng
Akin Ka Na Lang by twinkee
All Over Again by ayreezh :: synopsis
Always By My Side by p!nk :: synopsis
Angel by touya13
ArchDestiny by Zivheart
At The First Place by angel_devil

Bad Love by herbiepaige :: synopsis
Beautiful Disaster by Lonely Procrastinator :: synopsis
Beauty in Walking Away by p!nk
Because of a Mistake by junachoopxz
Behind Those Eyes (A True-to-life Story) by Sweet Pink_xX
Best Friend by .L. :: synopsis
Black Rose by .sabon.
Break the Ice & Let The Love Begin by miemiksminx_003 (aka i_exist)
Breaking the Gem (sequel of How to Dethrone A Prince) by BlackLily
Breathe by raice03 :: synopsis

Burnt by touya013 (aka leigh13)

Candy's Be Love by kriana08
Cinderella Syndrome by RainyKiss
Coffee Shop by ms.musica
Collapsed by lissy_14
Complete My Heart by ~mystic.lady :: synopsis
Complicated Love by keila06
Confessions of My Broken Heart by raice03
Crazy First Love by yurilovetamahome

Destiny's Choice by Keila06 :: synopsis
Destiny's Choice II by Keila06 :: synopsis

Deviltale by Zivheart
Do You Believe in Magic? by obliviousdarkangel
Downfall Chronicles by jonaxx

Dreaming of You by angel_devil
Dreaming of You 2 by angel_devil

El último baile (The Last Dance) by shopaholic_yana

Falling In Love To A Mean Jerk by cutie_donghae
Fine Time by edzie_015
Five Summers by hakyrej_inyourdreams :: synopsis
For Hire: A Damn Good Kisser by amft001 :: synopsis

Gitara by _butterfly_ (aka ayreezh)
Goodbye, Mr. Cyborg by thecagedDOLL (aka inluvagal_08)
Grow Old With You by ayreezh (aka _butterfly_)

Havaianas & Chucks by The Certified Jologs
He Loves Me As A Friend by dan0809
Heartbreak #26 by prettychq18
Hearts For Sale by -xiArA-

High School Fairytale by Digital_Fortress
His UNperfect Girl by .sabon.

How To Dethrone a Prince by BlackLily
How To Produce a Prince by jonaxx

I Am a !@#$ by esowtoo
I Fell in Love with one of the twins by Xykiel
I Hate My Future Husband by itstrish
I'm Glad It's You by isalicious :: synopsis
I'm In Love With A Gay by hakyrej_inyourdreams :: synopsis
I'm Still Not Over You by raice03
Infinity and Beyond by BlackLily
Is It The Bad Guy or The Good Guy? by qleht16 :: synopsis
It's His Point of View by anicia
It All Started Where It Ended by Demisse08
It Will Always Be You by isalicious :: synopsis

Joke Lang?!? by YamkU :: synopsis

Kismet: Not An Ordinary Story by cycle
Kissing Mr. Wrong by aeinlovewithyou

Lesson Learned by mystified
Letters of the Heart by purple_alex
Life Guide: A Detour to Love by `true_luv
Lit by Tattered
Lost Heartbeat by reality_bites74
Love-Phobiac by missSHAKEspeare012
Love Beyond Death by shawty24
Loving Darkness by jonaxx

Maling Pag-Ibig by raice03 :: synopsis
Maniwala Ka Sana by ke_iy
Marriage Contract by ckaichen
Mean World by RainyKiss
Memoirs Of A Ruthless Heartbreaker by sweetrax
Mitch's Journal by anna_aiyee
Models Turned Lovers by zecute
Ms. Gang Hater Meets Mr. Gang Leader by .ixe.02
Ms. Invisible 1 & 2 by p!nk
Music Of Our Hearts: Gone So Young by aishiteruhachi :: synopsis
My Angel Six Feet Under by aeinlovewithyou
My Ex and I by ulap~ :: synopsis
My Devils in Shining Armor by RainyKiss
My First Love Is A Ghost by FadedPhotos
My Football Player by twoneight
My Girl and I by SGwannabe
My Instant Txt. Boy by bu_de_bu _ai
My Little Miss Sunshine by aeinlovewithyou
My Prince by alyloony

Naranasan Mo Na Ba? by raice03 :: synopsis
Never Ending Story by ara155
No Boundaries by eros469 :: synopsis
No Ordinary Love by baby_loislane04
North Meets South by ~*Astrith Akashi*~

Once Upon A Time by Lonely Procrastinator :: synopsis
One True Love by beverlouie

Paalam, Noelle by mediumvioletred :: synopsis
Panalangin (Season 1 & 2) by vainballerina
Perfect Match by keila06
Photographs: Confessions of My Broken Heart 2 by raice03

Practicing My First Real Kiss by -xiArA- :: synopsis
Princess in Disguise by jonaxx

R-13 by j_harry08

Rain In Summer by hakyrej_inyourdreams
Rebound by exceptional_0519
Rent-A-Boyfriend by LiLaNgeL
Roller Coaster Ride With You by it_must_be_me
Roommates by jupannak (aka anicia)

Sander's Academy by pujabbers7
Serendipity by crybaby_04
Shakespeare in Love by jonaxx
She's Dating The Gangster by SGwannabe

She's One of the Boys by yurilovetamahome
She's The Man by baby_loislane04
Shotgun by culdesac25
Sketch by ungaw
Sketch: Part 2 by ungaw
SL2: His Gangster Side by oOokitinoOo
Slipping On Ice -- A Christmas Special by Lonely Procrastinator :: synopsis
Someone Like You by yanexx
Sometimes Love Just Ain't Enough by *LittleAngel*
Somewhere Only We Know by Ran1441
Stay Away Stranger by :: synopsis
Stolen Shot by ~*Astrith Akashi*~
Stupid Love: Contents of My Heart by oOokitinoOo

Summer 101 by bubbless((:

Taekwondo by shrewshrew
Ten Days by bien_021 :: synopsis
Terminal by ayreezh :: synopsis
That Girl by -babes-
The 12th Proposal by raice03 :: synopsis

The Best Mistake by p!nk
The Chick Boy Best Friend by gheeyah
The Diarist by prettychq18
The Diary by j_harry08
The Last Resort: Escape by imme

The Legend of the Blue Cookie by Reiko Sasaki
The Night Would Never End by cutie_me
The Novelist by prettychq18
The Perfect Stepbrother by teneighteen_06
The Perfect Stepbrother II by prettychq18

The Program: Exchange Student by culdesac25
The Rumors About Miguel Fontanilla by bien_021 :: synopsis
The Thing Called Destiny by criz_angel
The Umbrella by Sakura_chan
Theater Play by Ramona :: synopsis
Too Late by obelisk_0007
Too Many Walls by Ramona :: synopsis
Torpe by Lia
Trip by .L. :: synopsis
Txm8 or the Chatm8? by br0ken029

Ugly But Pretty Swan by Dakilang Procrastinator
Unlimited by acel27
Updated Version of Me by raice03

Victim of A Sullied Past by sweetrax
Voice on the Radio by raice03

Walk Me Home by marki1-3

Wanted: Babymaker! by BlackLily
When She Cries by .sabon.
When We Found Love by keila06
Wish by p!nk
Worth a Second Look by allaroundprincess
Worth a Second Look 2 by allaroundprincess

Xelfualizee by j_harry08

ZENsitized by vainballerina

first love
million miles away
1 msg. received
7th unit
a letter for my daughter
be my girl
campus royalties
childish+ gangster
dear mom
getting over you
hes a kidnapper
hey!mr. rebound
imet a jerk whose name is seven
lette of the oppresed
my first and last
my life would suck without you
not so fairy tale ending
saving her
she's an amateur
some jokes are half meant
the flower that connects my leaf
the other side
3words8letters, say it i'm yours
99 facts about guys
100 guy secret
ang bf kong artista
break the cassanovas
fake lovers
hopeless love
i'm dating the ice princess
just that
life after marriage
living dead
love tutorial
my 15 year old mom
my cassanove prince
my death angel
one love
perfect shot
sadist lover
she's a hooker
she's my personal slave
we got married
my dying gf
stupid diaries

Hi! Pwede ko po bang hingin lahat ng soft copies na meron ka? I badly want to read those. Pleaseee!   :-\


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