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Author Topic: are your parents still treating you like a 'baby' kahit na teenagers na kayo?  (Read 7538 times)


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Yeah -__-


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At times, yup. But I don't think there's something wrong with that. Actually, I love it. Since I'm always away from home, cause I'm living at a dorm near my school, UST. I find it really sweet that my parents still treat me as their little baby and spoil me with all precious stuffs I wanted. Love them! :")


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YES. I'm graduating from college but whenever I go home late (like 11 p.m., no that's not very late) I get a lecture. I can like take care of myself.  :P ;D
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Oo, minsan nakakairita pero minsan okay lang.  Kasi kapag ka wala na magulang mo mamimiss mo 'rin yung pangungulit nila sayo.
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Yes, I still get the 'baby' treatment even though I'm already in my 20's and we have 3 kids (my nephew and nieces) here.


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I'm 23 years old but they still treat me like a kid :-[
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Yep. Sometimes it's annoying, but I think they just miss the baby girl in me. HAHAHA. Doesn't matter, I love them both very much.

PS. I'm 18.  :D  ;D
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Medyooo. Nakakainis nga eh. -_____- Legal na ko, pero parang bata pa rin ako sakanila. Hahahah!


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nope! but when my dad is fooling around, he do treats me like a 1 year old baby! >__< i just laugh at him.


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Oo. Kainis nga minsan eh kaya lang okay na rin kasi naiisip ko na ang sweet nila. :3 Kaya nga siguro ako nagiging isip bata minsan dahil sa kanila. 20 years old na kaya ako!haha
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Yes! T^T UnikaIha kasi ako e. One and only T3T


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