My girls who will be there for me for life. From my BFF to my barkada, these are the friends who have my back all the time!

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Candy BFF Camp

Check out what happened at the first ever Candy BFF Camp at the Rockwell Tent. Upload your own pictures, too!

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Candy Charms

Upload your photo wearing the Candy Charm Bracelet with the completed set of charms! #Happy13thBirthdayCandy

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Candy Fair

For all the sweet memories we've made during the most awesome teen event!

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Candy Fair 2013

Stay tuned to this gallery for updates from Metrotent!

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Celeb Spotting

For all you Candyrazzis who love taking snaps of your favorite celebs!

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Celebrity Proms

Celebs are normal people, after all. They do go to proms and have interesting stories to tell.

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Daniel Padilla Fan Con

Thank you to everyone who attended the Daniel Fan Mag launch yesterday. Your support and dedication mean a lot to Daniel. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience and frustration caused to those of you who weren't able to enter the venue. Your safety is our primary concern and we truly appreciate your patience. We are working at preventing similar problems in the future. Thank you!

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Field Trip

Here's where we're going today. Whether on foot, by car, by plane, or by water, travel makes my heart happy.

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I Made This!

I can take pictures, draw art, create graphics, and more. I'm talented and I know it and would love to share my creations with you!

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by: kaye, 2014-09-02

Reading: I haven't actually started reading Say What You Will by Cammie McGovern yet, but I will this weekend!! It was highly recommended to me by my younger sister Ela as an...



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