What Show Should You Flip Your Channel To?

by Lyka Benitez, Candymag.com Correspondent
photos courtesy of ABC Family, The CW, Fox Broadcasting Co., and MTV

October 30, 2012 04:00 pm

Take this quiz to find out which TV series is perfect for a day in with popcorn and couch potatoes!
  1. In your circle of friends, you have always been known as:
  2. At lunch, you always eat with:
  3. You have three weeks of school break! What do you do to pass time?
  4. When you go out, it usually takes you…
  5. …And you are wearing?
  6. You like to hang out at:
  7. When deciding on which movie to watch, you prefer:
  8. Five guys walk into the room you're in; you'll approach the one who you think gives off the vibe of:
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