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Dear Candy Girls,

If you're the happiest person you know, give yourself a pat on the back. Actually, no—give yourself a pat on the back, then buy yourself a cupcake with rainbow sprinkles, and then go play with a puppy. In the park. While the birds chirp overhead.

But if you, like about 89.9%* of the human race, feel that other people are so much happier (because they're smarter, prettier, more popular, or generally luckier in life), come on over and we'll give you a hug. After we give you that hug, we'll point you to our crazy, colorful, sunshine-y Get Happy issue. Because it'll push you to do just that: get happy. Then we can go get a cupcake and play with puppies in the park. Deal? Deal.

*Okay, I just made this up.

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July 20, 2012
August 2012

Get the Digital Edition!

* The Happiness Campaign
* The Friend Zone: Explained (Finally!)
* Girly Or Grunge? Fun Ways To Rock Both Trends
* Joe Jonas and the Semerad Twins
* Why So Emo? Notes on Depression—And How To Bounce Back


What do you think of our August cover?

• I love it! I adore Lucy Hale. I'm so glad you put her on the cover again.
• I'm really excited about this Happiness Campaign.
• So kilig that Joe Jonas is in it!
• Looking forward to the fashion feature on grunge and girly trends.

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