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We Love Jasmine Curtis-Smith »
Find out who Jasmine's celebrity crush is and how she feels being on the cover of Candy!

Summer Palette: Lace »
Look all dainty and elegant with clothes that have a touch of lace.

Are You Ready For Rain? »
Summer's slowly inching its way out. Here's a list that's going to have you armed and ready for the rainy season!

All Hail, Leighton Meester! »
The queen bee arrives in Manila and her winning personality makes us worship her even more.

Hello, Candy Girl!

It's officially June and summer is over! Hoping you're safe and dry on this dreary, rainy Friday morning. What are your rainy day boredom busters? We'd love to hear your ideas especially since it's the last weekend before school starts.

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June 1, 2012
June 2012

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What do you think of the June issue?

• Love the cover! I'm such a huge fan of Jasmine.
• Can't stop looking at the fashion and beauty pages.
• This month's celeb features are A+!
• I always enjoy reading through the lifestyle and features sections.

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Questions asked on Candy this week:

What movie do you secretly love? »

What gets you excited about going back to school? »

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