#CandyBites: 5 Things You Need To Try At Krazy Garlik Correspondent Cidee tries out the restaurant's 14 new dishes on the menu and picks her faves.

Krazy Garlik has always been a foodie's dream come true. With a wide range of dishes on their menu, this member of the Bistro Group can serve you a modest garlic pizza to crazy crocodile meat. But as if that's not enough, they decided to turn it up a notch and now included 14 new dishes to their menu. Here are my five personal favorites from the new set of dishes.

  1. While waiting for the main meal, I kept my mouth busy with their new appetizer, Creamy Garlik Hummus. Chickpeas and sesame paste served with soft tortilla and freshly baked sourdough bread, this dish is the right amount of light and tasty to kick start a surely heavy meal.

    #CandyBites: 5 Things You Need To Try At Krazy Garlik

  2. I wasn't really a huge fan of vegetable salads (or I'll be honest, vegetables in general) but the Roasted Tomato salad totally changed my mind about that! First look and I knew that their salad was going to be different. Mesclun greens, roasted tomatoes, dried figs, feta cheese, and cashew nuts tossed in homemade garlic vinaigrette dressing topped with black olives and croutons, eating healthy never looked and tasted this good.

    #CandyBites: 5 Things You Need To Try At Krazy Garlik

  3. Now, don't even let me get started on their Garlik Oxtail and Chorizo Paella. With meat so tender and perfectly cooked in a medley of red bell peppers, black olives, and roasted garlic, just the thought of it is making me crave for more!

  4. I still can't decide which one in their new selection of desserts I like better. I mean, their Krazy Mess was just love at first sight and first bite with a luscious combination of layered frozen raspberry, Nata de Coco, homemade meringue, whipped cream, and strawberry ice cream. It felt a lot like beautiful chaos in my mouth. Then again, their Affogato Trifle was the right amount of mellow to end my meal. Coffee jelly, meringue, whipped cream, and vanilla ice cream topped with a hot espresso shot was just perfectly bittersweet.

    #CandyBites: 5 Things You Need To Try At Krazy Garlik

I know it all sounds wonderful but I suggest you head to the nearest Krazy Garlik branch and go crazy about their dishes yourself.





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