5 Things Fangirls Need To Stop Doing Right Now

Let's stop this culture of hate and start respecting each other's fandoms.


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I think we've done a pretty good job of staying out of any bashing and fan-shaming—intentional or otherwise—on our social networks. We're big supporters of free speech here at Candy so we know how important it is for you to have your own opinion. But sometimes, we can't help but think, there's a really fine line between being a staunch supporter of your idol (defending-till-death levels) and being, well, to put it bluntly, rude. We're huge fangirls just like you, but here's a list of things we think you need to stop doing right now!



Comparing two different people.

Okay, we get it you're [insert idol]'s #1 fan and you can't take it that we chose to post another celebrity's photo/feature. But is there really a need to say, "[Your idol] is better!" or "Mas maganda si [your idol]." Your idol's time will come and you won't be happy if someone else says the same comments against her/him.

Bashing either the subject or someone who supports the subject.

It's in the House Rules (we assume you've read them the moment you logged on the site) and we implement it even on our social accounts. Who wants to be at the receiving end of rude, uncalled for remarks? Before you leave that nasty, hateful comment, try thinking about it said about your sister or someone dear to you. Doesn't feel too good, huh?

Bashing someone who bashes the subject or a supporter.


And just because you're defending your idol doesn't automatically make you the best fangirl ever. If you defend someone you love at the expense of someone else, that's really just another mean comment that we're pretty sure the celeb you're defending won't be too happy about. Did you ever think about that?

Laughing at someone for being uninformed.


There will be a time when someone is in the dark about something that's "old news" and it's really no help to her if you make fun of the fact she doesn't know about it. Did it ever occur to you that, oh I don't know, maybe she was busy with stuff (read: school) that she wasn't able to catch up on her fangirl duties? Would it be too much to ask for you to actually update her instead of ridiculing her and making her feel like she's not being a responsible fangirl. Life happens sometimes, you know.

Assuming everyone likes the same things you do.


And because everyone's entitled to their own opinion, don't be surprised if someone doesn't agree with you or ship the same OTP as you. That's the best thing about being a fan! You don't need to follow someone else's interests. You can be a happy supporter of someone or something that you love. And you don't need to force anybody else to think the same way. That'll just happen naturally and you'll gravitate towards people who, well, like the same things you do. No need to push someone around just because she's 1 in 10 of people who happens to not be a fan of your idol.

I guess what it all boils down to is respect. And we're kind of sad that some fangirls tend to forget about this simple virtue. Have some respect for yourself, other people, and the celebrities you admire (and even those you don't). The next time you think of attacking someone in the guise of protecting your fandom, take a step back and count to 10. Do you really want to post that?





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