15 Ways To Turn Old Clothes Into New Ones

Time for a fashion flashback! Raid your closet for those "nice" clothes you really don't wear anymore and give them a makeover.


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  1. The Concert Crop Top
    Perfect for a summer concert, take an old shirt, preferably made of light fabric, snip off the sleeves and cut to crop top perfection. Make sure to leave excess cloth in the front and cut into a V, which you can use to tie into a cute bow!

  2. DIY Crochet Trim Seam
    Do you have a lot of trendy shirts that are too fitted? Reuse them again by replacing the seam with a crochet or fringe trim making the necessary space that you are comfortable with.

  3. Lace and Ribbon Tank
    Spruce up an old tank with lace appliques and ribbon, make it look edgy by using a neon colored top with black and white add-ons.

  4. Blinged Out Collar
    Add a whimsical touch to a collared blouse by decorating it with cut outs from the shiny side of a CD. Soak it in warm water to help soften the disc and cut geometric patterns you can glue onto the collar.

  5. DIY Sleeveless Blouse
    Have a longsleeved blouse that's too hot for the weather? Transform it into a chic top with a pussycat bow by removing the sleeves!

  6. Ombre + Neon
    Add a dash of color to your whites by combining two trends. Take a neon dye solution into a spray bottle and on the edge of a shirt or dress, spray a generous amount. Add water to dilute the mixture to get a lighter ombre effect.

  7. Simple Black Skirt Turned Flapper Fringe
    Turn a basic skirt to a party flapper inspired dress using fringe trims and a whole lot of attitude!

  8. Cute Sleep Shorts
    Repurpose nice printed shirts or fabric by creating a cute pair of jammies, you can use shorts that fit you well as template and simply cut the pattern and sew the fabric together.

  9. Scarf Shorts
    You can also use a satin scarf using the same process above and get ready to party shorts instead!

  10. Gym Shorts
    Some sewing is involved for this project. If you love to work out or exercise at home, gym clothes make the process somehow more pleasant. Get thrifty and cute by sewing your own following the pattern in this pin.

  11. DIY Ombre Studded Sweatshirt
    Give new life to your gray sweatshirt by using a dip dye technique to get an ombre effect and adding silver studs to the shoulders.

  12. DIY Denim Vest
    Those longsleeved denim shirts need some trimming! Go for a denim vest instead by simply cutting away the sleeves and using the excess cloth to lengthen the outfit or use it as pockets!

  13. DIY Lace Insert
    Spruce up a back cut out in your shirt (or make one yourself) with a lace insert, simply glue it from the inside and you're done!

  14. Lace Embellished Skirt
    Decorate a basic circle skirt by gathering different hued lace, cut into floral shapes which you can sew onto it. It doesn't need to be too tidy, but be sure to cut any excess when positioning it on the hem.

  15. DIY Feather Peplum Top
    Add a chic twist to a peplum top by attaching a fine feather trip to a crop top. The key is to layer the trim on top of each other to create a flowy effect!

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