15 Ways To Prep For The Best Summer Yet

Whether you're traveling to the beach with your friends or having a staycation with your family, these simple steps will help you prep for one of the best summers ever!


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  1. Blueberry & Watermelon Detox
    Summer is a time for travel and relaxation, instead of hitting expensive detox bars, you can create your own mix of delicious health juices with simple ingredients at home!

  2. Bikini Ready Workout
    Tone your body with this 15-minute workout that hits all the right trouble spots like arms, lower abs, inner thighs and more!

  3. Immunity Boost
    Stop a cold in its tracks! Nothing dampens summer more like a runny nose and a cough louder than party music, follow these steps and make sure you’re healthy enough to enjoy the break!

  4. Summer Job Interview Etiquette
    Get a smart start this summer and get extra cash as well, by applying for a summer job or OJT. Be sure to arm yourself with the right etiquette by reading this post!

  5. Summer Worthy Reads
    Summer is the time to crack open those books you’ve been waiting to read (not textbooks) because hello, you finally have the time! Check out this list of summer worthy plots you can share with your besties.

  6. Dreamy Summer Hairstyles
    Try these different updos and braids for a chic summer look and get promising photogenic pictures that you would be confident to share on Facebook or Twitter!

  7. Bikini Styles
    It's bikini season! Get inspiration for your swimwear shopping from this board, but always remember to consider the shape of your body and knowing what suits it best.

  8. DIY Photo Diary
    Create a simple scrapbook of all your summer photos with this super easy tutorial using washi tape and paper!

  9. Nail Art Inspiration for Summer
    Pair your well-planned summer outfit with matching nails, think floral, nautical, bright and fun! You can get your nail art inspiration from the countless posts on this board.

  10. Summer Essential Checklist
    Don't forget to stock up on sun block, your fave nail polish, a sun hat, flipflops and good book to read in one big tote you can easily carry.

  11. Summer Playlist
    Pump up your summer with new hits and songs from bands you haven't listened to before! Try out the tunes from this post or search related pins for a complete summer playlist!

  12. Money Saving Tips for Summer
    Be sure to scour online sites, groupon deals, airfare deals, and try to travel with less baggage to get less check-in fees,  so you don’t splurge all your money and be broke for next summer.

  13. 10 DIY Summer Sandals
    You can also save a whole deal by creating your own summer wardrobe instead of shopping for new ones, check out this clever tutorial on how to make fashionable summer worthy sandals!

  14. Best Summer Staycation
    You don't even need to travel to create the best summer ever; you can indulge yourself at home by pampering yourself, reading books, tackling a DIY you’ve had your eye on, the list goes on!

  15. Summer Movie Watch List
    Grab some popcorn, your friends and schedule a movie night together with a list of flicks from this board!

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