15 Quick and Easy Snacks To Prepare For All-Nighters

Fuel up for the long nights ahead.


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Finishing homework and last minute projects in time for tomorrow’s deadline is an exhausting feat, so make sure to have the proper diet and brain food at your side. Check out these simple but healthy (and yummy!) snacks you can create for those busy all-nighters!

  1. Rice Free Sushi
    Making your own sushi isn’t only less expensive but this rice-free version allows you to create your own snack without cooking, plus using mainly vegetables/chicken/fish, you have one healthy snack!

  2. Ricotta Cheese and Tomato Spread
    Make a snack worthy for gourmet restaurants, all you need is bread, cream cheese, a medium sized tomato, some seasoning and you’re late night studying is practically bliss!

  3. Frozen Yoghurt Dots
    Craving something sweet? Throw away the candy bar and head for yoghurt instead, scoop it in a plastic bag, make a hole and start dotting it on a plate or pan, store it in the fridge for later.

  4. Baked Carrot Sticks
    If you want something a little bit more salty, go for these baked carrot sticks, they give that crunch and give you energy to stay up all night!

  5. Snack Combinations
    These 7 snack how-to’s are perfect for lazy gals, they require a little bit of work and are healthy and delicious!

  6. Baked Apple
    Are you a diet watcher? This low calorie snack only requires one apple, water, sugar and cornstarch mixed in one ziplock bag and baked in the microwave for only 2 minutes!

  7. Banana Wrap
    Get some potassium in your system with this easy meal you can do with a banana, peanut butter and tortilla wraps. Slice it up and make loads of mini bites to munch the night away!

  8. Vegan Nacho Pizzas
    If you have some time (and effort!), try these delish vegan nacho pizzas made out of plain english muffins, cheese, salsa (any nacho dip) and some avocado, but you can garnish with your other fave veggies!

  9. Oatmeal with a Twist
    If you’re not into cold dishes, you can give this warm hearty oatmeal treat a go, combine diced fruits like bananas, pears and blueberries, some peanut butter and you have a filling meal!

  10. Orange Push Up Smoothie
    Get the sleep out of your eyes with a bright and citrus smoothie; try this recipe for a fun drink that’s still filling!

  11. Egg & Avocado Toast
    This healthy meal is perfect for breakfast or late night munching, it combines the goodness of avocado and egg for a happy tummy!

  12. 20 Homemade Protein Bars
    Get the energy you need to pull off an all-nighter with these bar sized treats that are based off nuts and fruits!

  13. Healthy  Food Bar for Your Room
    One of the best ways to solve hunger pangs while staying within healthy lines is to expose yourself to healthy food, create these healthy salad/food bards in your home so your tummy is drawn to them instead of junk food.

  14. Snack Dips
    What easier way to combine delicious and healthy snack alternatives than with these snack dips, use celery plus peanut butter, carrots plus sour cream and apples plus yoghurt! Yum!

  15. Not Just Bread and Butter
    Use these sandwich combinations to create a plate of  interesting go-to snacks, if you have friends over, this is one of the easiest meals to serve!

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