15 Musical Places Around the Globe

From landmarks to interactive museums, to the best places to hear music and melody roads, this list will definitely make your next trip around the globe a more musical one!


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  1. Roots and Branches
    Visit the Experience Music Project in Seattle where this amazing musical 2-story fountain/tornado of over 700 instruments tower over. The museum also holds a sound lab where you can create and play to your own tunes!

  2. Piano and Violin Shaped Building
    Travel to China to visit one of the biggest musical instruments you’ll ever come across. This beautiful grand piano and violin shaped building is popular among newlyweds and dubbed as one of the most romantic buildings in China.

  3. Ameoba Records in Los Angeles, California
    The world-renowned Amoeba Records is a gigantic 24,000 square feet that houses over 100,000 CDs, vinyl records, cassettes, DVDs, laser discs, and more. If you're looking for rare music from any time period, this is the place to go!

  4. Palau de Musica
    Beautiful architecture and music combine in the Palace of Catalan Music in Barcelona, Spain. You can bet that it's one of the most majestic concert halls your ears and eyes will ever lay on.

  5. Red Rock Ampitheater
    The Red Rock ampitheater in Colorado might just be one of the best places to hear your favourite band play, not to mention one of the best outdoor experiences you'll ever have!

  6. Muca Music Center
    This iridescent mother of pearl building is actually a music center tucked in the hillside of Spain. The auditorium inside not only allows a great listening experience for a playing orchestra but its tiles were also matched to carry an opal sheen, what a lovely place to be in!

  7. Stone Mountain Arts Center
    This 200-seater venue in Brownfield, Texas out on the dirtroad feels more like a cozy living room than a crowded concert hall, arrive early for some homemade pizza and enjoy good music!

  8. Melody Road
    The Melody Road located in Hokkaido Japan is a sure fire way to make the long drive a totally musical experience! It's designed in such a way that when a car drives over the grooves in the road will result in beautiful harmony.

  9. Otaru Music Box Museum
    The Otaru museum located in Japan is known for its exhibition of many beautiful and intricate music boxes as well as some notable collections. You can even make one for a fee.

  10. Musical Instrument Museum
    With over 5,000 musical instruments on display, the MIM in Phoenix, Arizona provides a cultural experience on the different types of music played all around the globe!

  11. Piano Stairs
    Commuters in Ninjang, China have been getting some good exercise and a melodious walk to work because of the giant piano stairs that have been added to their subway. Now, this would be a lovely feature in our public transportation systems.

  12. Dithyrambalina
    New Orleans brings back the hope through the creation of a musical village called, Dithyrambalina. Artists have collaborated to transform a 150 year old house into a musical and interactive place, truly marvellous!

  13. Strawberry Fields
    The Strawberry field in New York City is dedicated to the late singer, John Lennon who was shot outside The Dakota. One of his songs, Imagine was embedded on the sidewalk where people decorate with flowers daily. If you ever go to NYC, take a moment to pay your respects.

  14. British Music Experience
    The British Music Experience in London is an interactive musical attraction that celebrates pop culture throughout time. There are also iconic pieces in the museum featuring famous singer’s guitars and clothes!

  15. Historical Music Landmarks
    From where great artists and bands stayed, their hometowns and gigs they played at, this collection of landmarks is great to add to your travel must-sees!

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