15 DIY Ideas For Last Minute Valentine's Day Gifts

Consider this your Valentine's Day Aid Kit, full of last minute ideas that are inexpensive but still thoughtful. Send out the love in handmade and personalized treats!

  1. Valentine Bubblegum Machines
    Last minute gifts don't have to be simple, try this cute gumball machine you can make out of a paper cup and a clear ornament ball filled with gum or candy!
  2. Love Tote
    You can also try an eco-friendly alternative to give to your BFFs with this cute ombre canvas tote you can fill with your fave Candy magazine, nail polish or other body treats!

  3. Cup of Love
    You can also opt for a simple cup full of your recipient's chocolate of choice. Decorate the cup with glittered kiss marks or write a personal note telling how much that person means to you!

  4. Heart Attack
    Leave this special box at the locker or at a desk of your lucky Valentine. Fill it with special heart-shaped notes and confetti!

  5. A Love Story
    Scour your nearest bookshop for sweet romance novels, and wrap with a special Valentine-themed book cover or message. You can also swap the books for some rom-com DVDs.

  6. Love is in the Air
    Give your special someone a lovely surprise with a balloon tied to a message. Try to fill the balloon with red glitter or heart shaped confetti to get your message across!

  7. Matchbox Treats
    Put your treats in a cute matchbox which you can personalize through decorative wrapping, tied with twine or a bow. Use red M&Ms to suit the Valentine’s theme.

  8. Love You to Pieces
    This is a fun and super sweet craft present! Stick on your fave photo of your bff or your special somebody to some Popsicle sticks, cut each to create a puzzle and then get a canvas pouch to write a special message!

  9. For Tea Lovers
    This is a perfect gift to give to friends and co-workers, gather your exotic tea and use the free printable tag on the site to finish it off.

  10. Sucker for Love
    Keep your gift simple and sweet! Put a lolli stick in this cute printable for a pleasant presentation.

  11. Scratch Off
    Create your own scratch off card with special favors written on each heart, create the mixture using a crayon, liquid soap, and acrylic paint.

  12. 52 Things I Love About You
    This is a simple yet heartfelt gift, take a deck of cards and write 52 things you love or like about your special person.

  13. A Lot to Give
    Click this for 40 more DIY  gifts for your boyfriend. It includes special presents like date night ideas, photo mementos,  and sweet messages delivered in different ways.

  14. Valentine Gift Boxes
    Present your gift in this cute printable package, fill with candies or chocolates and give to friends and family.

  15. Poppin' Love
    Tired of giving chocolate as a Valentine's gift? Try giving caramel popcorn mixed with other treats, place in a bag and tie with a bow. They're also great as party giveaways!

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