10 Types of People Who Travel
Be ready for an adventure with these people.
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Traveling is one of the best things this world has to offer. Seeing the world, immersing yourself in all the cultures, and learning about the wonders this planet contains will never cease to be amazing. Now while traveling is always wonderful, it's even more amazing when you travel with other people. While traveling with other people, you have come to the conclusion that there are several types of people who traverse the air, water, and land. Here are just 10 types of the variety of people who travel.

  1. The Over Packers

This is the person who has to bring everything and I mean EVERYTHING with them on a trip. You never ever ask this traveler why they need to bring so much stuff because he or she will tell you in excruciating detail the necessity for each and every single item in their luggage. They are prepared for every single situation this trip can present them with. So, they are quite useful but their luggage is always terribly heavy.

  1. The Planning Extremists

Everything from the hotel, to the schedule, to the restaurants, to the clothes you're going to where, is planned by this person and if people are delayed by even a minute in their perfectly timed schedule then be prepared for an anxiety attack. This traveler will squeeze in as much as possible in the trip which makes it an even more amazing experience but be prepared to be exhausted after the trip!

  1. The Anything Goes Travelers

The total opposite with the planning extremist, this type of traveler has no plan whatsoever and lets the thrill of the unknown take over the course of the trip. They have no idea where they’re going or why but for them that's what makes the trip fun and memorable. So  be prepared for anything when you’re travelling with these people.

  1. The Strict Money Spenders

To the Strict Money Spender there is a budget and that budget must be held sacred. This is the person who teaches you the value of money while travelling. Not only that, you learn how to really savor every single moment of your trip due to the very tight budget. Although sometimes it breaks your heart that you can't buy things since it's out of the budget, the fact that you’re able to appreciate that a trip is more than the things you buy, it's the experience.

  1. The Tech Junkie

Google Maps? Waze? An app to find the best restaurant in town? The Techie Junkie has got you covered. Their solution to almost every single problem during the trip is to use the savviest tech available. They will impress you with their cool gadgets and gizmos to aid you on your trip. Just hope that they brought their powerbanks to charge their equipment.


  1. The Tour Guide

The Tour guide is that person you travel with that does extensive research on the place where you're going to. By the time you get there, this person sometimes knows even more than the actual tour guide. He or she can give you the background information of every place you visit and give you the low down on what's what. Sometimes, the tour guide can come off as know-it-alls but know that this person just means well and has a serious relationship with history and research.

  1. The Whiners

The Whiner is exactly what you think it is. They NEVER stop complaining about everything and no matter what you do an onslaught of complains still comes. Nothing is good enough for them and when you travel with them, you usually end up wishing you left them at home. 

  1. The Shopaholics

These people do not have the word budget in their dictionary. Having overweight baggage is already the norm for them. They will buy anything and everything they find interesting or cute. The words "this is so cool" is synonymous to the sound of a cash register ringing from them. There is a dire need in these people to be able to buy pasalubongs for everyone and their mothers. Although packing takes longer, you do appreciate their generosity towards other people.

  1. The Social Bunnies

You constantly wonder how these people communicate with so many different cultures? The Social Bunnies are always making friends, no matter where they are in the world. They can strike up a conversation with anyone. Age, size, race, does not matter to these people, they will always make friends.

  1. The Social Media Addicts

Every single moment of your trip is documented and posted online ASAP. These are the people who have to have a picture of EVERYTHING and EVERYONE, all the time. Snapchat and IG are their best friends. If they're not taking photos, they have to edit these pictures to perfection to be IG worthy and are constantly looking for pictures that are nice enough to use as a DP. One thing's for sure, trips with these people will be very, very, well-documented.













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