10 Fun DIY Projects You Can Do

Check out these fun projects that you can do by yourself—or with your BFF and barkada!

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Animated IconHow-to: Animated Icons
Jealous of all those fancy moving icons on TeenTalk? Don't worry, here's a super easy tutorial that you can follow.
What you'll need: At least 2 images that you can animate, Photoshop, and ajust a few minutes.
Ask help from your graphic design-savvy friends if you've never used Photoshop before. Send us a link to your profile once you've uploaded a snazzy animated avatar!

DIY: Make Your Own LightboxDIY Lightbox
Love taking photos of your shopping finds? Here's a trick in getting the magazine-worthy product shots—make your own lightbox!
What you'll need: illustration boards, cutter (please be careful when handling sharp objects!), ruler, pencil, tracing paper, scotch tape, thick masking tape, 2 desk lamps (when you're ready to shoot), and cartolina (or pretty paper for your background.

DIY: Laced Up ShirtDIY: Laced Up Shirt
Got old tees that you want to breathe new life into? Follow this tutorial to get pretty laced up shirts in your closet!
What you'll need: old tees, scissors, and lace
Gather your friends and turn it into a group effort! Make teams of three and conceptualize a design together. It'll make the project even more fun to do! Then, you can have a mini fashion show wearing the shirts after!

DIY: Zipped Up ShoesDIY: Zipped Up Shoes
Looking for a funky new pair of shoes but don't have enough moolah to shell out for one? Don't fret! Here's an easy trick you can do to jazz up your kicks.
What you'll need: skimmers or sneakers, zippers, acrylic paint, brush, scissors, and fabric glue
You can also use lace trimmings or printed cloth to add your own touch to the design. If you don't have zippers, go crazy with the acrylic paint and paint your own pattern on your shoes. You'll have a super unique pair that no one else in the world has!

DIY: Cool Cuffs DIY: Cool Cuffs
Feeling like a rockstar? Get your glam on tonight at the Adam Lambert concert with this cuff.
What you'll need: trimming/ribbons, velcro, glue gun
You can even use an old shirt that you've never worn since grade school but can't bear to throw out because you love the print so much.

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