Why Should My Mom Approve of Who I'm Dating?

Mom knows best... even when it comes to guys.


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Admit it. When your mom tells you something about that guy you're dating, you automatically roll your eyes and just stop listening to her. But because we're celebrating Mother's Day tomorrow, why don't you start this habit of keeping to heart what your mom has to say? Think of it as your gift to her.

You might not believe her because of the age difference between you two, but her observations and pieces of advice are actually valid even to this day. Remember, she's only looking out for you and she has your best interest at heart. If you think she has no say on who you're dating, you're wrong. Here's a list of why that guy you're dating should be mom-approved:

  1. She listens to her heart, but trusts her instinct. There are things she knows and feels. Mothers have this special connection with you, and when you're in danger or in harm's way, she just knows. That's why she tends to ask you a lot of questions when you start dating, because when something bothers her, she'll be able to tell you. She just wants to make sure the guy's not fooling around with you. Because, if ever, he will be answering to her.

  2. She can give your date inside info. Yes, even if moms can be protective of their darling daughters, they can also be very helpful when they know you really like someone. We've heard it all before, moms who help their daughter's boyfriend think of the perfect gift for her or the perfect date. And don't you just want something perfect for yourself which your mom helped him give you?

  3. She wants a love that'll last. It may sound like nonsense to you, but she does. She's searched the world for her own Mr. Perfect, so she must've gone through messy heartbreaks and messier relationships. Of course she won't want you to go through the same things as much as possible. She'll want your relationship to last, so you can be safe from all hurt and be happy at the same time.

  4. She won't want you to settle. Yes, she wants your relationship to be for keeps, but she also wants you to be happy. Bad relationships are a huge no-no for your mom. Because, really, who wants to see their daughters crying themselves to sleep every night? We bet a million that if your mom can make that guy who broke your heart suffer, she will. So do yourself and your mom a favor, and save all the drama for some other day when you have absolutely nothing to do.

  5. She really knows best. Whether you like it or not, that's the truth. She has been through a lot, and maybe you just don't know because you're busy getting all dramatic over one guy rather than asking her about how she survived her first heartbreak. Take the time to talk to her and ask questions, your mom will always be glad to talk to you for sure.

Don't forget to thank your mom and wish her a happy Mother's Day tomorrow, Candy Girls! 

What've you learned from your mom about guys? Tell us in the comments or tweet us @candymagdotcom!





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