The Questions Guys Should Never, Ever Ask Girls

During a bad time, that is.


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Sometimes guys just ask the wrong question at the wrong time. We can't help but snap at them and suddenly lose our temper. When we're having a bad day, the last thing we need is thinking about a good comeback for the worst question, ever. Here are 5 of them we never want to hear guys ask us, especially when we're in such a foul mood.

1. "Do you really want to eat that?" You ask us after eating a bucket of popcorn, a bar of chocolate, a scoop of ice cream, and while we're reaching for a bag of our favorite chips. Dear guys, we understand that you're just concerned about our health, but there are days when we just need to have a bite or two of our favorite food. For some reason, it makes us feel a little better. Please allow us to eat in peace.


2. "What is that you're wearing?" or "Why do you look like that?" We know your knowledge about fashion and beauty is limited, so please leave our clothes and how our face looks out of the conversation. In case you haven't noticed, we tried hard to look good for our date.


3. "What's her name?" Do we really have to explain why this question irritates the life out of us on all levels? You are with us and you are supposed to enjoy our company. Please don't ask us this question unless you want us to poke your eyes and remind you that your eyes should be reserved only for us during this time.


4. "What's wrong?" or "What's the problem?" What if we told you that you are the problem? Will that make you recall what you've done recently to make us feel upset and irritated by your presence? Or did you hit your head earlier that you already forgot that you were 30 minutes late for our date or that you left us calling your phone 50 times last night while you played NBA Live like cray?


5. "Are you okay?" or "Are you fine?" Please enlighten us on why you ask us this question when obviously we look like we are not okay? Is it a way to start a conversation or just a way for you to fill the silence between us?


We're not always irritated by these questions, guys, don't worry. Just please know when to ask them or how to ask us about them. When we're having a bad day or when we're out on what's supposed to be a wonderful date, we don't really need your judging and all-knowing tone. All we need is you and your undivided attention for a few hours and we're good... and maybe a few scoops of ice cream, too.


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