The Ex Encounter: 10 Ways To React When You Bump Into Your Ex For The First Time Ever

How are you supposed to react when you bump into your ex for the first time after you broke up?
by Ayessa De La Pena, Editorial Assistant
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January 24, 2014 02:00 pm

Fact: it is difficult and stressful when you bump into your ex, especially when you didn't see that coming. So we came up with this list for you, just in case, because that's what girlfriends do.

1. Hide. Go inside the nearest restroom. Hide behind another person's back. Cover your face with a book. Just. Get. Out. Of. His. Face.

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2. Run away. The world's too small for the two of you and that new girlfriend of his. Make sure you run the opposite direction, though, and make sure you do it fast!

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3. Pretend you're on your phone. You can always trust technology to get you out of awkward situations.

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4. Act like you don't know him, like you were traumatized by how much he broke your heart that your brain needed to shut him out of your memory.

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5. Threaten him. Isn't this the most appropriate thing to do after all the pain he's caused you?

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6. Tell him you still love him and beg him to come back in your life. Plus points if you can do this in tears.

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7. Be extra nice. Say hello to him and whoever he's with, even if it's his new girl. No big deal!

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8. Show off your new 'do or the new you! Work it, girlfriend! It's his loss, not yours.

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9. Give him the poker face, especially when he approaches you to say hi.

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10. Just smile and say hello. Because no matter how much you deny it, you still care for him and he'll always hold a special place in your heart.

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