The Art of Modern-Day Ligaw As Illustrated By Joaquin And Chichay Of Got To Believe

Doesn't anyone miss the time when "akyat ng ligaw" literally meant a guy coming up to a girl's house to ask her parents for permission to take her out?
by Macy Alcaraz, Managing Editor,

December 5, 2013 10:00 am

We know times are rapidly changing and ligaw is slowly evolving into something super casual and less strict. On one hand, we think it's awesome because that takes the pressure off of something that ideally should be something enjoyable. But on the other hand, we think you're missing out on some old school wooing moves.

When you meet a boy, he doesn't even need to ask for your number anymore. Sometimes, all he'll do is open his laptop, click on the search bar and send you a friend request. Or maybe follow you on Twitter. There's still nothing quite like the feeling of someone asking for your name or your contact details after meeting you at a party. It sounds a lot less stalker-y than that, we promise.


Telebabad has been replaced with hours and hours of Facebook Chat. Getting kilig over a green dot as opposed to having someone tell you, "Hey, it's (name of your crush) on the phone for you." These days, if he even calls you, you don't even need to guess. He's got your direct line, aka your mobile number.


These days, there are so many different labels attached to dating. You're hanging out, going out, exclusively dating. It can get a bit confusing! So when does it become official? Before the age of Facebook's It's Complicated, it's either you were a couple or you weren't. Simple as that.


Randomly bumping into your crush will always be more thrilling than him liking your Instagram #selfie... right?

And we don't need to convince you that the real thing will always be better than a kissy-face emoji.


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  • Sweet_agentPink 1
    YAh I AGREE with this.. truly, chichay and joaquin have showed us the LIGAWAN 2.0. They model the love story of teenagers of this generation:)
    4 months ago
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