September 24, 2011 10:00 am

Captured at the Candy Fair

Some of our favorite celeb Candy Cuties say which booth they want to go to: jail booth, kissing booth, or marriage booth?

September 18, 2011 02:00 pm

10 Things Guys Love About Girls

Why are guys so nuts about girls? Here's a quick list!

September 16, 2011 05:00 pm

ChitChat with Candy Cutie Cover Boy Elmo Magalona

Our Candy Cover Boy chats with the Candy Girls for the third time.

September 16, 2011 10:00 am

X-Treme Sports

What kind of extreme sports are you willing to try?

September 11, 2011 06:00 pm

Behind the Scenes: Sam and Elmo at the Cover Shoot!

Let's go behind the scenes during our Candy Cuties mini-mag cover shoot with Sam Concepcion and Elmo Magalona.

September 9, 2011 10:00 am

Facebook Spotting

What is the first thing you look at in a girl's Facebook page?

September 7, 2011 06:00 pm

Sam Concepcion's and Elmo Magalona's Autograph Signing Sessions

Candy's mini-mag cover guys meet their fans.

September 7, 2011 03:00 pm

Candy TV: Sam and Elmo's Autograph Signing

Missed the autograph signing with Sam and Elmo? Check out what happened in Robinsons Galleria and Robinsons Ermita last Saturday.

September 2, 2011 11:00 am

We Love Sam and Elmo!

Let's go behind the scenes at this year's Candy Cuties mini-mag cover shoot with Sam and Elmo! Plus: Sam and Elmo teach you how to dougie!

September 2, 2011 10:00 am

What's On His Playlist

These guys give the top three songs on their playlist.

September 2, 2011 12:00 am
August 25, 2011 10:00 am

3-Month Rule

Do you believe in the 3-month rule?

August 24, 2011 06:00 pm

Who's on Top: Candy Cuties Weekly Update

We're updating this list weekly so that you'll see if your favorites are among the Top 10!

August 19, 2011 12:00 am

Poll: Which character would you love to have a date with?

Which of these boys would you like to wine and dine with?

August 18, 2011 10:00 am

Cooked To Perfection

What's one dish do you wish to perfect that you would like to cook for a girl?

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