Jesse Perkins Is the Next Cutie You Should Follow On Twitter

Not following Candy cutie and boy panelist Jesse Perkins on Twitter yet? Here's a list on why you should!

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Following cuties on Twitter and Instagram is a task we'll never get tired of. We're glad that the list of celebs we should follow grows by the minute. Lately, we've been checking out Jesse Perkins' Twitter feed.

He is probably one of the best cuties you can follow on Twitter. Jesse has the right mix of serious biz and humor about him, which TBH is disarming. We've listed down 9 good reasons why he is the next cutie you should follow, which obvs you won't really need because his good looks are more than enough to make you hit that follow button.

Yes, ladies, even a cutie like Jesse have this particular moment too.

His concerns in life are the same ones we have—only, we have this love affair with chocolate and icecream and we can't seem to choose who we should stay loyal to.

He is not afraid to show that he's a softie, like how he enjoys watching sunsets. This photo's almost perfect... if only we were there watching the view with him. #sorrynotsorry

He's also not afraid to show how much he treasures moments with his equally cute twin brother Christian.

He understands how we feel about all the #LaBoracay posts from the weekend.

He doesn't talk much about love, but when he does, his words count.

He has the best pick-up line in the world.

He uses the best hashtags.

He does things that really matter. Isn't that reason enough for you?

Who are the cuties you follow on Twitter, Candy Girls? Make sure you're following us @candymagdotcom, too!





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