7 Times Daniel Padilla Was Cooler Than You

Make sure you're following the teen king's accounts, Candy Girls!

Let's state the obvious: teen king Daniel Padilla is one of the coolest people to grace Twitter and Instagram. Not following him yet? Maybe it's time you do so. We're sure this list is going to help convince you hit that button now. We present you the 7 times Daniel was way too cool for us to handle.

1. His Twitter display photo says it all. He's cool that way.

7 Times Daniel Padilla Was Cooler Than Youvia Twitter

2. That time he used OMG to describe his emotions. We dig tough guys who use OMG.

3. When he made this pose inside a vehicle. Like. A. Boss.

4. When he took a photo with Filipino rock legend Mike Hanopol.

5. That time he watched Meteor Garden and admitted that he felt #kilig. Not all guys are able to admit that they do feel that way.

6. When he called his pet his son. Are you ready to settle down, BB?

7. And that time he had no words when he posted this photo with rumored girlfriend and teen queen Kathryn Bernardo. Aww!

Follow Daniel on Twitter and Instagram now, and make sure you're following us @candymagdotcom, too!




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