Cutie Twitter Talk: Ruru Madrid, Kobe Paras, Kit Thompson, And More

These cuties are tweeting about the New Year.

The Perkins twins got to spend some time with the less fortunate kids in Taytay Rizal before 2014, way to end the year with some good deeds!

The many faces of Ruru Madrid from 2013!

Jeric Gonzales welcomes 2014 on an inspiring note and a thank you to all who supported him in his 2013 journey.

Aaron Teejay Sanchez shares a glimpse of his 2014 bucket list, after being it, do we see a chance at a relationship there in all caps?

Kito Zialcita has some bittersweet feelings this 2014, his final year as a student. Any Candy girls who feel the same?

2014 is year to be thankful especially to the people who made your year a great one! Take it from Rammy Bitong who took the time to thank Mikhail Ignacio who taught him how to DJ.

Kobe Paras gives good advice on how to achieve a better year and it takes being mature and responsible. Say no to vices!

Take it from Wryan Chua and write a good story to your 365-page book!

Keith Thompson might not want 2014 to happen, definitely some major commitment to yesterday’s forever in his tweet!

Not into fireworks? Jao Ong might change your mind with a set of some pretty awesome aerial fireworks in the night sky, Happy New Year to everyone!




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