Candy Cutie Twitter Talk: Daniel Padilla, Alexander Diaz, Andrew Baldwin, and More

Daniel Padilla's new movie, Alexander Diaz's #OOTD, Andrew Sean Baldwin for your prom date, and more of what your Candy Cuties have been up to this week!

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Nathan Garcia is looking forward to the 14th. Are you, Candy Girls?

It's starting to get warm again, and like Daniel Velasco, we're also excited to hit the beach this summer!

Mikoy Morales still looks cute even if he obviously got tired after the long hike.

Sam Concepcion must be missing the late AJ Perez so much. We miss him a lot, too!

Do you think Teejay Marquez will do well in the TV show The Walking Dead?

We absolutely loved this #ThrowbackThursday picture of Aaron Teejay Sanchez during last year's Candy Fair! Were you able to catch him in the event?

Alexander Diaz looks dapper in his outfit. What a cutie!

Were you able to watch Daniel Padilla's new movie during the long weekend? What did you love about it? Tell us in the comments below!

Wouldn't it be lovely to have Candy Cutie Andrew Sean Baldwin as your prom date? He shows you how!

Can't get enough of the Perkins twins? You might love this video!





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