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When one says "bad boy," people immediately think of the cigarette-smoking, Harley-riding, shades-wearing, leather-jacketed ruggedly handsome stereotype. So maybe this is the "nice" kind of bad boy, the streetwise gentlemen in the rough so to speak. But there are guys out there who take the "bad" part quite literally. These guys are the jerks who make you ladies say there are no more good men out there. Ouch! So read on, and learn how to ditch some of the maladjusted males in your lives.


Bad Boy Profile: He likes hanging out with his friends more than with you. His idea of a romantic date is a cheeseburger meal subsidized by discount coupons. And you suspect his cheating, but when you bring it up, he either makes you bola to high heavens or belittles you for even thinking about it.

Say Bye-bye: With these guys, it's usually all about the ego. They love having a girlfriend whom they can jerk around like a Chihuahua on a short leash, and they usually brag about  it too. So when it comes to these guys, there's no need for elaborate plans or gimmicks. There's only one thing you need to do: Drop him like a hot camote. And we mean cold turkey. Make the breakup short, fast, concise, and oh-so bittersweet. But remember, it also means that you have to control yourself and stay away. Be strong and stand by your decision.


Bad Boy Profile: He's your best-est friend in the whole wide universe—when he needs something from you. Bring a car to a gimmick, and he appears in the shotgun seat like magic. You're his pretend girlfriend when he wants to catch his crush's eye, his homework source when he's too busy playing basketball or slacking off, his go-to girl when he needs some spare cash, and basically his unpaid yaya.

Say Bye-Bye: You're dealing with a purebred leech. He probably thinks you don't mind since you're a girl, and so are a very kind and understanding bit is true. But that doesn't give him—or anyone else—the right to abuse your good nature. We suggest you start the purging process with a little bit of creative timing. Try to find out when he usually needs your help, and line up something else to do at the time. If he needs a ride, make plans to pick up some other friends who aren't as needy. He's asking you for term paper info? Say you're busy doing the same or even another paper early for extra credit. Over time, he'll get the message.





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