7 Struggles Only Girls Who Like Their Classmates Understand
He's so near, yet so far.
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Once in your life, you'll be in like with someone who's literally so near yet so far. He'll only be a few inches away from you, but you can't find enough courage to talk to him or enough self-control to just hide your cute little feelings from him. We feel ya, girl, and this list's for you... in honor of all your efforts to keep calm and collected while he's inside the classroom, breathing the same air you breathe. These are your struggles, and we want you to know you're not alone.

1. Dealing with all the teasing. You know how your friends, the few people who know you have a crush on your classmate, give you that evil and knowing look or a quick teasing whisper whenever he's around or he's talking to you? Yup, we know how that feels. We know that makes you want to tell them your friendship is over, but of course you can't.

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2. The struggle to not be creepy. Being around him just sends you into a place where he's the only clear thing that exists. It's a struggle to not look at him every once in a while or smell him, especially when he's standing there being cute and all. It's just difficult to be around him  and stop yourself from admiring the wonderful person that he is.

7 Struggles Only Girls Who Like Their Classmates Understandvia

3. Trying your best not to blush. Whether it's during the mere mention of his name or during that rare moment when he talked to you, the struggle not to turn tomato red is real. Maybe you should just use foundation or powder five times lighter than your own skin tone to help you keep your feelings. 

7 Struggles Only Girls Who Like Their Classmates Understandvia

4. The struggle to listen to the lecture. Most times, you're thankful that he's in your class. At least you'd get the chance to see him every day. But during lectures? His presence is not very welcome, especially when you're asked to do a short play to reenact Florente At Laura and you know you'll make a total fool of yourself in front the entire class. Concentrating on getting As for each subject is difficult around him because even the mere mention of his name will send you to another planet where only the two of you exist.

7 Struggles Only Girls Who Like Their Classmates Understandvia

5. Trying hard to stop daydreaming. Seeing him every day will give you a lot of chances, so you make up scenarios in your head where everything goes perfectyour conversations with him, wherein he asks the right questions and you give him lengthy and sensible answers. You know this couldn't happen soon IRL, but you spend 80% of your day planning them anyway.

7 Struggles Only Girls Who Like Their Classmates Understandvia

6. The will not to do all the crazy ideas in your head. You have daydreamed planned them for days and days, but you have to stop yourself from doing these ideas you have, like telling him he's handsome out of the blue or giving him a cute photo of you in case he'll need it (what will he need that for?!) or cheering for him Athena-style during PE class. You have to try and stop yourself every day to do these things for your own good.

7 Struggles Only Girls Who Like Their Classmates Understandvia

7. Seeing him interact with the other girls. You know you're not in the position to be jealous of all the girls he's decided to talk to when he should really be talking to you, but it's just hard! How can you not feel murderous when you know deep inside that that cute face is meant for you alone?

7 Struggles Only Girls Who Like Their Classmates Understandvia

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