7 Answers To The Question, "Are You Okay?"

There are questions you shouldn't ask. This is one of them.


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Dear guys,

We don't exactly know if you're asking this question because we're freaking you out with our silence, or you want to be funny and use this as a good conversation starter, or you're plain unaware of that cute little frown on our faces. When you ask us if we're okay when we're clearly not, we kind of want to give that adorable face of yours a good slap because we're not okay, obvs. For your reference, we listed down 7 of our most common answers to this question ranks from safest to deadly. You're very welcome.


When we resort to ugly-crying in your arms without giving you enough time to finish the question, that means we don't have time for mind games anymore and we just need a good embrace.  Wrap your arms around us and everything will be fine... including your safety.

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Don't mind the tone of our voice. This statement means you're still safe, hooray! It's just a semi-bad day for us and you can still remedy our sad hearts with a scoop or two of our favorite ice cream flavor (or some flattery?).

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SAFE: "Yeah."

This could also mean we're just not in the mood to talk about what brought us to this emotional state, but our silence is not permission for you to walk out on us. Our day isn't turning out the way we wanted it to, but having you around, your mere presence and knowing that you're ready to listen in case we already want to talk, is comforting enough for us. So please, stay.

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50-50: "Want to take a guess?"

Depending on your answer, this could either be safe or deadly. There's really no right or wrong answer, but a close-to-good response would be, "Please just tell me. I just want you to have a good day." Sometimes we just love to play mind games with you to avoid talking about our problems or just for the heck of it. If you show us you're ready to help us through, everything turns out fine... well, usually.

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Leave us in peace. Allow us to breathe. Just sit beside us and wait for that moment when we want to talk already. And when we do talk, don't say anything. Nod and agree. This is a very crucial time. One move, one word and we're going to explode. Just allow us to let some steam off.

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UH-OH: "What do you think?"

Oh, boy. Whether we're giving you an evil smile or a deadly stare, know that when we use this line on you, there's a high chance that you did something wrong. Recall what you've done hours or even days ago. And when you do, come up with the best plan (grand declarations of adoration, if necessary) to make us feel better. Just a reminder: Don't ever make us tell you what you did wrong. You'll only make matters worse.

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DEADLY: "Really? You're asking me that?"

Confiiiiirmed, you really did something wrong. The best thing you can do is raise the white flag and apologize. Admit you're wrong and we'll call it a truce... depending on our mood.

7 Answers To Your Guy Asking,  Are You Okay? via

We know we can be pretty harsh sometimes and we don't mean to, promise. We know you, guys, don't have the power to read our minds. But sometimes we just expect you to. Modern Family's Mitchell Pritchett couldn't have said it any better, "You want to believe you're on the same wavelength as someone, and then it's just a little disheartening when you find out you're not."

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