5 Reasons Why Joaquin Manansala Is the Perfect Boyfriend

What a lucky gal Chichay is!


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Got To Believe is ending tomorrow night! It seems like yesterday when wejust started falling in love with the characters in the series—especially that of Joaquin's. Admit it, Candy Girls. There were a couple of times when you wished you had a real-life Wacky by your side, and we listed down some of the reasons why you did.

  1. He is not afraid to be mushy. Wacky is not afraid of showing his softer side. Remember when he asked Chichay to be his girlfriend? He had friends sing a song for her. He gave Chichay a bouquet, while he wore that sheepish smile on his face—and made all of us melt and wish we were Ms. Tampipi in that moment. What proposal could get better than that, right?

  2. He says the sweetest things when the situation calls for it. There are times when you just feel like you're day is going really bad, but having Wacky by your side, telling you all the right things to make you feel better, will instantly make your day.

  3. He knows that actions speak louder than words. Let's face it, not all guys have the guts to stand up for what they tell you. It's their talent, we think, to say the sweetest words and not act on it. There are only a handful of guys who make their actions to do the talking, and Wacky is one of those. He tells Chichay he loves her and proves it to everyone—even to his sometimes cruel mom Juliana.

  4. He stays through thick and thin. Wacky and Chichay's love story is enough to convince you that his love is true. He is willing to go through the toughest of times as long as he has Chichay by his side.

  5. He easily forgives. We all know Chichay made a lot of sacrifices for Wacky's well being—the biggest was when she broke up with him so he could get a brain surgery—but even if he doesn't know the reasons behind Chichay's decisions, he tries to be as understanding as he can. He still loves her no matter what.

Not convinced? Watch some of ChiQuin's sweetest moments from Got To Believe below.

Awww! Now where can we find our very own Joaquin Manansala?

Boy problems keeping you awake at night? Maybe we can help. Tell us about them in the comments or tweet us @candymagdotcom. We'd love to hear from you! :)





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