This is Why You Aren't Achieving Your Goals
And what to do to change it.
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Let's all be real for a second here. How many times have we wanted to accomplish something, and ended up not accomplishing anything? Whether it be goals to achieve a certain weight, get a certain grade, and much more, we need to realize that we will never achieve big goals without overcoming the little battles that come with it. Like how a marathon will never be won without taking the first, second, and third step, we will never succeed at reaching the finish line if we don't change certain mindsets and practices that we've kept up for so long. So here are some things you've got to fix to set yourself up for success. (via jamesclear.com)

  1. You expect instant results.

In a world of "instant" and "direct" everything (ramen and messaging, for example) it is so easy to think that people can be "instant" as well—be it in creating relationships, improving a skill set, getting the perfect body, etc. Most successful people took years polishing their craft, and even experienced much hardship, failure, and criticism before they could even taste success. If there's anything we need to re-learn in this digital and fast age, it would be to give ourselves time. Slow and steady wins the race after all.

  1. You get discouraged—and stay that way.

Getting discouraged over something is a normal thing we experience every day of our lives. Sometimes, we feel discouraged because of someone, or something, or for no reason at all. However, we mustn't allow ourselves to wallow in our sadness because it can become a black hole that sucks the motivation out of us and ruin our chances at success. Things didn't work out the way you expected them to? Didn't get the result you wanted? Have a good cry over it. Rant to your friend about it. But never, ever stay stuck that way.

  1. You've lost focus on the here and now.

Having a future-oriented mindset is fine. It's totally okay to start planning for what you want to do in the future. But because you do that, you often lose sight of the present. Instead of focusing on the end goal entirely, focus on the little everyday goals that lead up to that big finish. Cut your big goal into tiny, bite-sized pieces. Vying for honors at the end of the semester? Get a good grade in your quizzes tomorrow. It's what you do now that makes all the difference in the future.

  1. You lose flexibility.

Are you the type of person who has a checklist of things to do every day, and relish at the thought of accomplishing everything? The type to plan out the entire itinerary of their vacation? This may be something you need to work on. Although there's nothing wrong with planning ahead, it becomes problematic when you become too rigid in your ways, and become discouraged when your plans don't go the way you expected them to. The world has a way with messing even the most well-thought out plans over, so never ever think that anything is set in stone. Roll with the punches. Let the challenges of the world shape you, but not defeat you.

TL;DR? The secret to achieving your goals is to focus on the process rather than the end goals. What do we mean by this? You need to focus on creating a winning system or winning routine that'll help you succeed in reaching the finish line.  As much as it's great to have the big end goal in mind, it makes it really easy to fall into the toxic mindsets we talked about. Focusing on the process will allow you to take it day by day, to be patient with your progress, and to not sweat the small stumbles along the way. Most of all, focusing on the process lets you recommit yourself. Every. Single. Day. So start with the easy habits and set little everyday goals for yourself. You'll be well on your way to finally achieving those long-overdue resolutions in no time!   

Let's talk process! What do you usually do to achieve your goals? Share them in the comments below. 













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