The Bright Side of Endings

Why endings aren't so bad after all.

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An ending is something most people would rather avoid. For endings always meant good-byes, tears, or losing touch. But contrary to popular belief, endings could be the most meaningful part of our lives. In a sense, it's like learning how to ride a bike without training wheels or bidding farewell to high school and going off to college. We always think endings are something awful and consider it as this bump in the road. Endings don't necessarily mean it's over, but simply a sign that we have embarked on a new chapter in our lives.

Change is certainly inevitable. We stay cautious in fear of change, trying to ward off whatever the universe throws at us. We've gotten too comfortable of the familiarities of our lives that we forget how to grow past our comfort zone. What we don't realize is that we don't fear change, we fear the unfamiliar.

With change comes endings and with endings comes new beginnings. We need endings in our lives in order for ourselves to grow and to be better people than we once were. Just like when riding a bike, we need to let go of our training wheels eventually. Why stick to something we no longer need when life has so much to offer. There are far better things ahead than any we leave behind. 

Are you ready to begin?



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