Sometimes All You Need To Do is Have a Good Laugh
Don't take everything too seriously.
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Relax, Candy Girl. Some things just don't deserve stressing over. Welcome the laughter. Here are 8 situations when "Hahaha" is just the right answer.




 1  When your favorite ballet flats fall apart right before you go out.

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You're off to school, work or a trip to the mall with your friends.  Right before you step out the door, you notice black little bits falling off your shoes. One look and you know it's broken. Oh no! Take a step back and see the bigger picture. You surely have another pair in your closet. Here's your chance to be more creative with your outfit! Try a pair of sneakers with your dress or rock your new wedges! Silver lining, there you are.

 2  When your makeup tutorial from YouTube ends in cringe-worthy result.

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Raccoon eyes? Candy-cane red cheeks? Or clownish lips? Keep calm, and take a selfie! Instead of feeling embarrassed that your makeup experiment didn't work, share a laugh with your friends by sharing your #makeupgonewrong selfie on Instagram or Snapchat. Don't forget to tag us.

 3  When you belt out the wrong lyrics.

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You're hanging out with your friends, and you absentmindedly burst out into a song. Suddenly, everyone starts laughing. Was it your dance moves? Were you out of tune? You feel a wave of mortification that only gets worse when you realize you got the lyrics wrong all this time. It's okay. Relax. Some of us thought Taylor Swift sung "Starbucks lovers," too.

 4  When the Internet is too slow.

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As in turtle-speed slow. For real, how are you going to upload your latest selfie or stream the newest Pentatonix cover? The struggle is real. But seriously, let the bandwidth gods sort things out for a while. Look around your room, and see all the chores you have neglected. Just kidding. Take a breather from the Internet and read a book. Chat with your brother offline(!!!) over a cup of iced choco. You'll be surprised how entertaining the real world is.

 5  When your groupmate is being impossible to work with.

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Don't roll your eyes just yet. Relax and fight the urge to argue with him. Remember, how you react says a lot about you. As long as he's isn't putting anyone in jeopardy, choose to work around his flaws. Be assertive when you ask for his help but be careful not to demean anyone. Add some humor into the mix and the rest of your group will thank you for keeping the atmosphere light.


 6  When your best friend suddenly can't make it to your coffee date after being MIA for so long.

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You miss her a lot, and you have that really big kwento about a certain boy, but she's cancelling again! You're so annoyed that you want to return your friendship bracelet back. Breathe. She won't write you off if it weren't something major. So before getting mad, ask if you can reschedule when she's not busy anymore. You'd want her to do the same for you.

 7  When your phone's juice runs out and you really really need to tweet something ~important~.

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You do know that people existed without Twitter back in the day, right? There weren't even cell phones way back when. Put your device down and tell your friend (IN PERSON! FACE TO FACE!) the very important thing you simply must tell everyone. It's actually faster to talk to people rather than @replying them.

 8  When someone tags an unflattering photo of you on Facebook.

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You open Facebook, and there it is. Your grade school classmate tagged you in a photo from years ago. Your awkward self is haunting you from your horrific puberty days. It's the complete humiliating package, too—double-chin, acne on your forehead, and messy hair. You look for the Report as Spam button immediately. Loosen up. A bad photo is never the end of the world. Show yourself some love and repost that photo side by side with your most recent selfie. #itgetsbetter!

Everything will be happier and lighter when we learn to humor ourselves. And like Taylor Swift, just choose to sing "ah ah I shake it off!" *Candy wink*













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