Lucky Strike

Got a sticky prom situation? Candy gives you 13 ways to turn your luck around!


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Here's a funny fact: prom isn't prom without something embarrassing to remember it by. A broken heel, an identical dress, or—gasp!—the awkwardness of a first kiss. The key to enduring these sticky situations is knowing what to do when they occur. Don't just sulk and act like your night is ruined; face the sticky situation head-on and strike back!

  1. You have to introduce your date to your parents when he picks you up.
    Strike back! Do yourself a favor by supplying all the information your parents are bound to ask even before your date arrives. This way, you just have to go through the pleasantries when he arrives at your doorstep. Then reassure your 'rents that he'll have you home by your agreed curfew, and everyone will be happy.
  2.  Your date cancels at the last minute.
    Strike back! Go, anyway. Ask your parent or older sibling to drive you to the venue, and hang out with your friends as planned. Going stag is one of the best ways to enjoy the prom-imagine, you don't have to babysit a date, and you can have as many pictures, bathroom breaks, and dances as you want!
  3. Someone at the prom has the same dress as you.
    Strike back! Approaching the girl and ask for a photo op! Yep, that's the best way to get over the initial awkwardness—by acknowledging it and making it funny!
  4. Your date is a perv.
    Strike back! If you feel violated by your date, tell it to his face-in a diplomatic manner of course. Make sure he understands you by looking into his eyes and saying, "Please don't touch me like that." If he can't take a hint, make sure you're always in the company of trusted friends, and have a grown-up fetch you from the venue instead of being alone with him on the way home.
  5. Your dress got stained.
    Strike back! Head to the bathroom and dry up the stain. Obsessing over it will only make it worse, so don't put anything on it and just try to forget about it. Have a shawl or cover-up ready in case this happens, and slight it over the area of you need to make a public appearance.
  6. Your date is not talking.
    Strike back! He's probably really nervous to be around you—especially with you looking that pretty! Break the ice by asking him about something you could share about as well-common friends, family, terror teachers, college plans. Take note not to ask questions answerable only by "yes" or "no" so you'll get lengthy answers. And don't forget to let your personality shine! If you're naturally funny or witty, show it. Besides, a joke or two ought to loosen him up a bit!
  7. Your date is embarrassing you.
    Strike back! There's no nice way of correcting a person who doesn't know how to behave a social functions. If he slurps, hogs conversations, or cusses, just let it pass. Unless he personally assaults you, try not to make a big deal out of it. Be thankful that it's just for one night-and that you're not going to let him ruin it.
  8. You see your crush with another girl.
    Strike back! If you came with a date, it's only proper to focus on him. Don't let the jealousy monster eat you up because it will just leave you feeling wretched for the rest of the night. Now if you went stag, don't feel like you're on the losing end-show your crush that you don't need a guy to have a good time, and maybe he'll take a second look!
  9. Your shoe heel breaks.
    Strike back! This might sound crazy, but have a handy stash of Mighty Bond and Band-Aid in yout clutch for shoe emergencies. The glue is for unhinged straps or fallen rhinestones, while the plaster strips are for inevitable blisters.
  10. You get a tummy ache.
    Strike back! Have anti-motility, allergy, and headache medicines in your clutch just in case you need them. They're just tiny tablets or capsules, so it won't be a hassle to bring them. It's better to be prepared than to be at a loss when the problem is already there. And if you know it's nearly that time of the month, wear a napkin already, even if you don't have your period yet!
  11. You adore your date, but you don't know what to do!
    Strike back! This is a classic case of nerves. You feel like you should do something to impress him, but the very fact that he's with you on that night already means he likes being with you. Remember, he's just a boy! He's probably nervous being around you! Instead of trying to impress him, start a conversation. If that fails, maybe a dance is what you need to break the ice. Here's a dare: ask him to dance if he can't muster the guts to ask you first!
  12. You are not allowed to go out after prom.
    Strike back! Perhaps you can negotiate. Promise your parents you'll be home at a certain hour and assure them you'll be with trusted friends. But if your paretns remain firm, don't go against their wishes. It may be a bummer, but this if it this way: if you disobey them, do you really want to end your prom night with a lecture from your angry folks?
  13. Your date doesn't know what to do after he walks you to your doorstep.
    Strike back! You're thinking, should I kiss him? Say goodnight with a hug? Shake hands? The best way to deal with this awkwardness is to say, "Thanks for being my date tonight. Hope you had a good time." If he's a respectable young man, he'll say, "You're welcome, I had fun!" Then instead of shaking his hand, which can be a bit too rigid, give him a friendly peck on the cheek, like you're making beso with your girl friends. It's not too much, but the gesture's warm enough to send the signal that you appreciated his efforts.




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