How To Make Resolutions That You Can Keep

Because it's one thing to list down things you promise to do and actually accomplishing them.
by Macy Alcaraz, Managing Editor, candymag.com

January 1, 2014 06:00 pm

Some of us make up lists at the end of the year (or at the very start of the New Year) that we vow to follow to the letter. By the middle of the year, though, those promises are long forgotten and you're back right where you started. And you make the same list over and over again without really accomplishing anything.

But today, we'll try and remedy that by helping you come up with resolutions that are actually doable—and more importantly, not forgettable!

First of all, what's your main goal for the year? Some people like to start with a word, something that will define the rest of the year for them. And everything that they do is geared towards that word. For those who are looking to get more out of life, that word could be "adventure." If you're aiming for a healthier lifestyle, your word could be "wellness." If you want to erase the angst brewing in your system, try "positivity."

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When you've got your main goal locked down, think of milestones that you can set for a certain time period. For example, your goal is to be healthier. By the first month, how many times a week are you setting aside for exercise? What are the types of food are you planning to either cut out or add to your diet (less junk food, more fruits and vegetables). By setting mini goals for a specific time frame, you're able to fulfill your main resolution one step at a time. And it doesn't seem like one major task to accomplish.

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Record your progress by either keeping a journal or having an accountability partner. This can be your family or your friends, whoever you feel can make sure you'll keep word. You'll also need someone who can be completely honest with you and won't let you slack off.

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You'll see as the months go by, you'll be more conscious of what your achievements are and you'll probably find yourself making even more challenges to conquer. Whatever you decide your resolutions are for 2014, we hope that you make progress! Let's check back in the middle of the year to see if you've stuck to your word. ;)

Happy New Year, Candy Girls!

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