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Some thoughts on the power of positivity.

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To those people who never left even there were times I wasn't aware that I was doing the wrong things. To those people who never judged me and accepted my flaws. To those people who reminded me that I am not alone. To those who keep on telling me that I am enough. To the people who try to make my day brighter. Thanks for inspiring me. Words are not enough to express how grateful I am to have this kind of people around me.

To those people who think that I'm not capable of certain things. To those people who don't want to understand me or haven't even tried to understand. To those who said they'll stay, but eventually left. To those who pointed out all my negative issues. To the people who made fun of me, hurt me, abused my kindness. Thank you. Now I know who to trust. 

I should be braver. I must be wiser. I will be fiercer. I will not let anyone hurt me and cause me to cry. If ever I do, I promise my tears will be worth it. I'm so done to those who left me in so much pain. I'm not allowing myself to waste my time thinking of how to please you. I don't live to impress anyone. No more tears, I told myself. Stop overthinking things.

I dedicate this post to those who are afraid of change. Don't be. Change may be good, maybe even better. To the strong ones, who never gave up even though it hurts them so much. To those who experience sleepless nights because of the tear stains on their pillows. To those who paid attention to the wrong people. To those who learned from hurt and pain and became better and stronger. I have huge respect for those people: those who allow themselves to break down, but remain strong.

Be inspired. Radiate positive vibes. Choose to be happy, because you deserve it.

Bing Abella blogs at bingabella.wordpress.com.




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