Debut Themes: Broadway

Love the idea of having your name up in lights? For one night only, be the star that you were born to be.
by Macy Alcaraz, Managing Editor, candymag.com

December 7, 2013 10:00 am

Have you always imagined yourself on opening night, eagerly anticipating your adoring audience's applause? Have you practiced your finale inside your room with your hair brush as your microphone? It may be just a little dream for now, but why not make it into reality? Maybe even for just one night?

18-year-old Lian came out with a bang by doing exactly that. Check out her debut video and take inspiration from her Broadway-inspired shindig—complete with her name up in lights!

How to turn your 18th birthday celebration into something worthy of a standing ovation? We break it down for you in 5 steps.

  1. Turn your invite into a playbill. Whenever you watch plays, you know that souvenir program that gets sold at the entrance and during intermission? It would be a great idea to turn it not just into your party invite, but also as a souvenir for your guests. You can list down the program, throw in some photos of yourself, and maybe even write a short note to say thanks to all those who took time to join you in your celebration.
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  2. To tie together the general look of your party, you should decide on a color motif. Are you going for a classic black-red-white gala? Or do you want to go for a particular Broadway musical or show? Whatever it is, make sure to come up with an inspiration board detailing all the elements you want to be included in your dress, your party decor, your food, your giveaways. It won't work if you just jumble different things together.
  3. Work on your playlist. To set the mood, make sure you've got the right show tunes to play in the background. It can be from a particular show or you can compile all your favorite ones. Have a playlist for dinner and one for when you want everyone to come and join you on the dance floor.

  4. Want to perform for your guests? Do it either as an opening number or a grand finale. Instead of the usual cotillion, ask your friends to join in! They can be part of the ensemble.
    genieshatelamps.tumblr.com genieshatelamps.tumblr.com
    via genieshatelamps.tumblr.com
  5. And don't forget your leading man, of course! You'll need a suitable escort to lead you through the night. He doesn't need to be a pro at dancing, but you better make sure he doesn't have two left feet. In a perfect world, your dashing partner would be someone like Nick Jonas!
    methodicalfreak.tumblr.com methodicalfreak.tumblr.com
    via methodicalfreak.tumblr.com 

Are you celebrating your 18th birthday soon? We'd love to know how your debut planning is coming along!

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