Olympian Allyson Felix Talks Fitness, Running, and Everything in Between

Hit the ground running with your fitness goals for 2014 with tips and words of inspiration from gold medalist Allyson! Find out how she keeps motivated to workout and her favorite cheat foods by reading on.


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Allyson Felix is best known for being a track and field sprint athlete with 4 Olympic gold medals under her belt along with 14 other medals from various competitions to boost. She's a young female athelete determined to make her mark, but there's a lot more to this long-legged sports enthusiast than meets the eye. Get to know this role model and her fitness secrets, how she keeps motivated, her favorite cheat meals, and more by reading what went down in our interview with her!

What's a normal training routine like?
"Normally I train for 5 hours a day. I go to the track for 3 of those hours. I do like a warm up and then I do a big portion of my workout, which can be like interval training, a longer run, a cool down, take a break, and then I go to the gym and lift all different types of weights. I do it about 5-6 days a week."

What's your diet like?
"I try to have a very balanced diet. I love ice cream and chips, and things that aren't always the greatest so I try to have a day where I splurge, normally once a week. I try to keep everything very balanced but I don't go to extremes. It's important to do everything in moderation and have those days when you eat what you want to eat."

Have you ever struggled with body issues?
"I always looked a lot different from the girls I compete against because I was very slender and my legs are longer and the girls I compete against looked more powerful. I felt like I couldn't compete as best I could because I looked different. So, just embracing my body and knowing that I could be just as strong even if I look different. I think that's important for all girls, not just in sports, to just embrace the body you do have and use it for your benefit. "

What makes a girl look sexy and fit?
"I think being strong and nicely toned."

How do you deal with failure?
"I had two times in the Olympics when I got silver medals. It was hard, because my goal was to win. So I kind of had to go back to the plan to see what went wrong and what can I do different. Just having that spirit of not giving up is really important and just continuing to go after what I wanted."

How did you balance school work and running?
"It was a challenge, you know. It was definitely difficult but I think being passionate about both was very important and just making sure I knew I was going to finish everything I needed to do."

Did you have someone in your life who helped motivate you?
"Definitely! All the women that I train with are all very inspirational. One of my friends, Joanna, she is awesome because she always encourages me and we always try to do it for each other. It's nice if you're going through a really tough workout and you look over and one of your friends is there with you so you know you'll make it through together. "

Any advice for young girls aspiring to be a runner or athlete?
"I would tell them to go after it. It's great; it teaches you so many lessons. I would tell them to be patient. Do it with a friend, I think it’s cool to make it social. It doesn't have to be so serious, especially when you're younger. Just enjoy it!"

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