Ask Candy: What Was Your Debut Like?

Throwback: here's what debuts were like during our time.

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Turning 18 is kind of a big deal, but not all debutantes throw a party with a traditional cotillion. These days, 18th birthday parties are becoming grander and grander. Here's a peek at how we celebrated our coming-of-age back then. #throwback

Ask Candy: What Was Your Debut Like?

"This was in December 2002, for my friend Chezca's 18th birthday. :)" —Marla, Editor in Chief

Ask Candy: What Was Your Debut Like?

"My debut was a small gathering in my lola's backyard and my friends dragged me onstage for a surprise dance number (it was a hit K-pop dance at the time so we all knew it) which I hope will never see the light of day." —Kaye, Editorial Assistant

Ask Candy: What Was Your Debut Like?

"This was at my friend Mikko's advanced 18th birthday celebration-slash-despedida. She flew to Alaska after high school, so we celebrated her debut a year early. It was just held at her place in Antipolo and though I don't really remember the details (it was a long time ago, haha), I remember we had so much fun! Can you spot me in the photo?" —Macy, Web Managing Editor

Ask Candy: What Was Your Debut Like?

"Dressing up with my friends was half the fun!" —Erin, Web Editorial Assistant

How are you celebrating your 18th birthday? Get ideas from our Debut stories!





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