A Different Kind Of Yoga Playlist Plus Illustrated Yoga Poses That Will Make Your Day

Whether you're just a beginner or a certified yogi, you totally need to check this out!

The one workout that has been growing in popularity thanks to the current fitness revolution is yoga. This workout involves the physical, mental, and spiritual practice, which aims to transform the body and mind. It also includes a lot of different types, poses, variations, meditation, and breathing. The best thing about it is that anyone can do it—even if you're not flexible! So whether you're a certified yogi or just a beginner who wants to give yoga a try, we're here to help motivate you with some of the cutest illustrations of fruits and vegetables doing different types of yoga poses. And to go along with these totally adorable images, we compiled a "Namaste Tunes" playlist filled with modern (non-ambient) songs you'll definitely like, that will keep you focused every time you practice yoga! Just scroll down to see everything that will surely make your day.

These lemons can do everything from a downward dog to a resting pose.

yoga pose

These tomatoes have mastered the right discipline.

yoga pose

You can become just as flexible as these bananas!

banana yoga pose

Breathing is definitely the key to yoga. Look at how focused these strawberries are!

strawberry yoga poseqConstant practice will get you to do complicated poses like these:

tomato yoga poses

You can never stop learning new poses and techniques, just look at all these poses the avocados are doing.

avocado yoga poses

Practice yoga with a friend for the best kind of support.

cherry yoga poses

These cauliflowers are a good example that everyone has to start from somewhere.

cauliflower yoga poses

And when you practice regularly, you can achieve your goals!

watermelon yoga poses

So just relax and enjoy!

apple yoga poses

Here's the awesome, different kind of yoga playlist for your next practice! Enjoy.





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