7 Things That Are Better Than A Boyfriend

No boyfriend? No problem. Here's a list that will explain why we say so.
by Angel Salazar, Candymag.com Correspondent
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February 17, 2014 02:00 pm

Girls mourning because of a lost love or a broken heart—we see and hear them every day in books, movies, and in real life. To all of these girls, it's time to channel your emotions to more rewarding and beautiful things! Read the list and realize that life is so much more than having a boyfriend.


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Not to sound geeky and preachy, but while we are still in school, we should prioritize our studies. Yes, school work often drains our time and energy, but remember that what you are doing are for the future. Enjoy studying now, there are plenty of time for other things later, anyway.


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Building friendship and making sure your other relationships are intact are essential to a happy heart. Because while having a boyfriend is not always permanent and may drive you crazy (oopsie), your friends and family will keep you sane. What's more, they are your constant.


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Fries + Pizza + Burger + Ice cream + Cookies + Cupcakes + Chocolates > Boyfriend. Need we say more?

Movies/TV Shows/Books

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Troy Bolton. Damon Salvatore. Augustus Waters. We totally understand if you have wished for at least one of the names we mentioned to come to life and that's because it's normal to fall in love with fictional characters. They might never be able to love you back, but at least they can guarantee to never hurt you.

Concerts/Theater plays

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Everything's better live and on stage, don't you think? Concerts and theater plays have the power of making us feel that we are more than just audiences, we are actually part of the show.


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The world is undeniably beautiful and what better way to see it than by traveling? Visiting different places and learning from their culture are some of life’s greatest joys.

Fangirl-ing/Happy Crush-ing

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Good news: You are in love! Bad news: He is a celebrity or a guy who doesn't know you exist. But who cares? Your celebrity idol or happy crush may be unaware of your existence, at least you can adore him from afar, for as long as you like. The best thing about fangirling and happy crushing is there are no expectations or commitments necessary, just pure affection.

These things may not forever pass for a boyfriend, but admit it, they make life a lot sweeter!

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  • anne_olimba 1
    Absolutely!!!!!! A happy crush is way soooooooooooo much better than having a boyfriend ;)
    3 months ago
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  • anne_olimba 2
    Absolutely!!!!!! A happy crush is way soooooooooooo much better than having a boyfriend ;)
    3 months ago
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  • marykatedejesus 3
    Awesome! Candymag is the best!
    3 months ago
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