5 Ways To Outsmart Pranksters On April Fools' Day

It's April 1st, and if you've been pranked before, you know it's the worst day to be gullible.

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April 1st, ah the first of summer. The sun is shining outside, it's looking like a perfect day, and then BAM! right when you least expect it, a joke comes out of nowhere.

But we here at Candy know the importance of being prepared for just about anything and we've come up with a foolproof April Fools Day anti-prank plan. Just follow these steps and we assure you, no one's going to try to trick you after today!



Be paranoid, period.

theroboking.tumblr.comvia theroboking.tumblr.com

You already know it's April 1. So expect all the punchlines, the fake news, the feigned excitement about One Direction coming to Manila (although they've got a seriously funny ad out for That Moment). Be extra suspicious (and cautious!) of anything and everything you read on your feed today.

Assume that everything's a joke. 

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Whatever it is, assume that it's not true. And when it turns out to be true, then just pretend you knew all along and that you were the one kidding. Psh!

Trust no one!

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The best pranksters are the ones who are really close to you and know exactly how to push your buttons. So if we were you, we'd be extra wary of your bestie right now. She's got the ammunition for the perfect April Fools' Day joke!

Come up with a good comeback when you mistakenly fall for a prank.

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If in an unguarded moment, you find yourself retweeting or reposting fake news of the day and someone calls you out on it, just turn it around! "Psych! Got you!" or a similar quip can get you out of the hole you just fell into.

Be ready to laugh.

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When all else fails, just don't take anything seriously today. Have a good laugh and don't take it against anyone if you end up as the receiving end of a really lame joke. You cracking up might just be the thing that'll end up making your prankster friend's day!

Happy April Fools' Day! Hope the joke's not on you.





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