5 Times You Need Someone To Tell You, "I Got Your Back!"

Because we all need a backup sometimes.

We love being independent women, but we have to admit, it's really just nice to be able to have someone on the lookout for you. We don't want to compare ourselves to a piece of technology, but don't you sometimes wish you had a backup? Here are just a few situations when "I got your back" definitely helps us breathe easier.

Like when you're about to walk into your first audition (ever!) for a school play. Sure, you've been singing in front of your bathroom mirror for what seems like forever, but really, there's nothing more comforting than a friend who'll cheer for you at the end of your song.

shootinglemons.tumblr.com shootinglemons.tumblr.com
via shootinglemons.tumblr.com

What about when somebody starts spreading false rumors about you? Wouldn't it be the best thing to have someone automatically rebutt everyone who so much as utters a word or syllable against you—without you having to tell them to.

marabskuit.tumblr.comvia marabskuit.tumblr.com

Have you ever ordered food for lunch only to realize that you left your wallet in another bag and have nothing but your school ID in your pocket? And then you breathe a sigh of relief because, your classmate next in line is willing to pay for your meal and you don't need to starve for the rest of the day.

cockbarf.tumblr.comvia tumblr.com

When you really need to pee while standing in line to get into the cinema, someone who'll save your place is a godsend!

via jackandal3x.tumblr.com

Someone to zip you up when your short arms can't reach that far back.

delenasalvation.tumblr.comvia delenasalvation.tumblr.com

What about you? When have you wished someone was there beside you to tell you they've got your back? Spill!





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