Style Files: Cham Tanteras

Find out what has influenced this stylish girl from Davao and check out the different clothes she made herself by browsing through all her looks!

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Name: Cham Tanteras
Age: 19
City: Davao
School: Ateneo de Davao University

Preppy doll. I would describe my style as preppy and doll like. I'm never without the ribbons, tons of colors, and skirts! However, I do believe that style should be flexible, which is why I'm trying to explore and experiment with everything now.
Shopping faves. Mostly thrift stores! Sometimes I make my own clothes if I can't find it in the market and if I badly want to have it.
Style icons. Fashion Bloggers like Camille Co and Kryz Uy. I think they have such great style!
Style influence. Aside from blogging, lookbook was my first inspiration. Before, I only would only admire all the bloggers, but now I'm one of the people posting my looks on the site.
Closet pallette. Mostly pink! But more colors are starting to grow on me now.
Accessory must. I'm a certified necklace collector I couldn't consider my outfit complete without it.
No way! I would never wear flip flops out! I just don't think they're appropriate footwear aside from at the beach.
Trend revival. Why don't we give renaissance a modern try? I really love all the classic and baroque patterns.
Best bargain buy. Can I have two? My boots and corset both at 50 pesos each!
Vintage loving. Lolo's sunnies that lasted for many decades. I just adore them!

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