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Check out this girl's quirky fashion style.


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Name: Bea Bermundo
Age: 22
School: University of Asia and the Pacific
Hometown: Metro Manila

Quirky girly. I would generally describe it as feminine with a quirky touch. I like to keep it simple but always add one interesting accessory like a bow or hat.
Shopping turf. It's funny because my wardrobe is made up of extremes. I exaggerate slightly when I say it is made up of 50 % Topshop and 50% ukay-ukay.  I am a big fan of mixing both high and low end.  Ukay is a great place to find quality made and unique pieces for affordable prices.
Always with... Something brown leather. I always wear either a brown leather belt, shoes or a bag! I just love how they can pull an outfit together and make it look a bit tougher. Also dainty gold jewelry. They balance each other out.
Style-bloggers-inspired. I am most inspired by other bloggers-real girls like me who try to make do with their wardrobe. They inspired me to start my own blog and start exploring the city to find interesting locations to shoot in. The community is really brimming with creativity! I have a whole list of links of my favorite bloggers up on my blog.
Style icons. I would say I admire the whimsical wardrobe of Zooey Deschanel and also the simple quirky style of Alexa Chung!
Classic vintage. Since I discovered vintage inspired blogs my style changed drastically. I love how lady-like and classical they look and have been trying to steer myself in a similar direction.
Color palette. My closet is seriously made up of every shade of blue. I always get teased for it. I got too inspired by (500) Days of Summer.
Never ever! Honestly, I really don't like the way gladiator sandals look. I find them binding and silly looking. 
Basic three. A black and white striped top, a white peter pan collared blouse and Keds. They go with anything and everything.
Comeback trend. I wish skirts could be a little longer. The short hemlines of today are uncomfortable and too revealing! I sound so old-fashioned but it's impractical to always be worried that you're pulling a Britney Spears. 
Vintage owns. Well, my mom did save a brown leather Dooney and Bourke bag that she bought with her first paycheck. It's probably the only authentic D&B bag I will ever own so I treasure it.

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