Style Files: Azzedine Sadsad

This davaoenya has been in love with fashion since she was a kid. Read on to know more about her style and thoughts about fashion.

photos and captions courtesy of Azzedine Sadsad

January 1, 2011 10:00 am

Name: Azzedine Sadsad
Age: 18
School: Ateneo de Davao University
Hometown: Pampanga but I’ve been living in Davao for 8 years now

Mood dresser. My style depends on my mood. Sometimes I go girly and wear pieces that make me feel feminine like floral printed dresses and skirts. There are also times I’d go boyish and wear my trusty sneakers and quirky tops with rugged denims. But above anything else, I see to it that I feel comfortable and confident with what I wear because I’ve always believed that any outfit would stand out if you wear it with attitude.
Smart shopper. Department stores and thrift shops are my shopping havens. I love searching around and finding “fashion treasures” so I don’t really have a single favorite shop. There are tons of thrift shops that sell unique and very cheap (believe me when I say VERY CHEAP) pieces here in Davao. I always keep in mind that it’s not in the brand or price anyway; it’s in how you style your clothes. My mantra would be: Mixing and matching is the key to a fabulous wardrobe!
Fave fashion designers. My top 3 fave designers would be Marc Jacobs, Anna Sui and Betsey Johnson. 
Always with... My trusty brown leather sling bag. It’s huge so I can keep all of my stuff in it and it's very versatile. It practically goes with anything I wear.
Inspired.  I get inspiration from magazines, TV shows like Gossip Girl, and of course
Style icons. The two Rachels I would say. Rachel Zoe and Rachel Bilson.
Young fashionista. As a child I've always loved dressing up. I can even remember having a pair of shoes that would match every outfit I had. My family had a clothing store way back so I grew up being conscious of what I wear all the time. I've also loved reading magazines so through that I get updated with the latest trends. Then, when I go shopping I look for pieces that would match these trends and most importantly my own sense of style.
A mix of everything. I have a lot of neutrals in my closet like blacks, beiges and whites but at the same time I invest in bright pieces that would make my outfit pop. But no neons please! Haha!
Fashion no-no.The biggest fashion faux pas for me is wearing a white tank top with colored underwear. I just think it’s too flashy.
Stylish three. The little black dress, a perfect white shirt and a pair of nice fitting jeans.
Trend rebirth. I love the fashion in the 50s. I’d be happy if the tailored look with all the fancy hats and gloves makes a comeback.
Vintage hand-me-downs.My lola loves bags so she’s my vintage bag treasure box. She gave me this vintage Ralph Lauren bag and I’m not really sure how old it is but I love it because it goes with any outfit.

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  • morgiana dayrit 1
    wow awesome
    May 04 2011 @ 12:04pm
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  • zai 2
    yeah. its cool :)
    Apr 25 2011 @ 01:33pm
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  • candygirljazz17 3
    nice outfit!
    Mar 30 2011 @ 04:10pm
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  • vemii 4
    dats my DAWter..haha!congrats azz
    Jan 16 2011 @ 04:38pm
    | Report Abuse
  • Ling. 5
    Look # 6 FTW! :D
    Jan 10 2011 @ 02:00pm
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  • isse 6
    wow. she knows how to pull a glam look without sacrificing large amount of money for Fashion. go girl! :D
    Jan 08 2011 @ 12:09am
    | Report Abuse
  • dimps 7
    sooo proud of you din! :D
    Jan 06 2011 @ 02:43pm
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  • Jewel 8
    oohh.. we have the same off-shore red sneakers. it's a GOOD BUY for only PHP200 from Surplus.
    Jan 05 2011 @ 09:43am
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  • kristia17 9
    where does thrift shop located??
    Jan 04 2011 @ 04:54pm
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  • mahdita12 10
    I admire her for being so good at searching nice clothes at thrift shop! i'm inspired!
    Jan 03 2011 @ 02:28am
    | Report Abuse
  • rhenCumlaudefulness 11
    you GO girlfriend!!!so proud of you!!
    Jan 02 2011 @ 11:08pm
    | Report Abuse
  • patriciaverypretty 12
    go azzedine sadsad!mwah
    Jan 02 2011 @ 10:16pm
    | Report Abuse
  • PinkButterflies 13
    She's very resourceful! Atta girl! :)
    Jan 02 2011 @ 08:53pm
    | Report Abuse
  • jimpogi 14
    oh im so proud of u my hobbymate! haha.. go for the gold.. stay pretty :))
    Jan 02 2011 @ 06:40pm
    | Report Abuse
  • annirvi 15
    what a nice birthday gift azze......candy mag thank you for featuring my cuz on style it n love u din happy happy birthday.....mwahhh
    Jan 02 2011 @ 04:01pm
    | Report Abuse
  • Ronyo 16
    Jan 02 2011 @ 11:11am
    | Report Abuse
  • GaleBandong 17
    love candy mag to the max for featuring you :D yaaay! m/ She's really a terrorist when it comes to fashion, you know she would definitely die for it! hahaha :) HAPPY NEW YEAR!
    Jan 01 2011 @ 04:54pm
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  • Lena 18
    You go girl! ITB, rock on! Haha! So this is an early birthday gift, eh?
    Jan 01 2011 @ 03:18pm
    | Report Abuse
  • brucefamin 19
    yah!! You have it now!:) Yes, believe her when she says cheap! cause it's really cheap :)) way to go lover! :) HYPE!
    Jan 01 2011 @ 03:16pm
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