Style Files: Steph Sison

Check out this it girl's east-meets-west fashion sense by taking a look at some of her favorite outfits!

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Name: Steph Sison
Age: 17
City: Quezon City
School: U.P. Diliman

Yin-Yang style. I would describe my style as east meets west. When I was a kid, I was heavily influenced by Japanese fashion. As I grew up, I became more inclined to American apparel and trends. However, I still  make sure to infuse a few eastern influenced pieces due to the current K-Pop trend.
Shopping haven. I usaully shop in local department stores, which I believe are totally underrated. I also like branded shops like Jellybean, Forever 21, Zara, and Promod.
Style icons. I really look up to fashion bloggers like Tricia Gosingtian, Kryz Uy, and Camille Co. I also love Heidi Klum's edgy street style.
Influenced style. Televison shows heavily influences my style. Gossip Girl and ANTM are my go-to shows for fashion inspiration. Candy magazine also inspires me because it updates me with the latest trends.
Closet palette. My wardrobe is filled with mostly neutrals and pastels.
Accessory fave. Cardigans. I have thin skin so I tend to freeze in cold places, so I wear cardigans a lot. Also, I feel too bare wearing sleeveless tops so I like wearing cardigans so that I feel comfortable and look appropriate, especially for important occasions.
Not ever. I would never wear anything in snake or crocodile skin. I just don't like it.
Trend comeback. I would love it if Audrey Hepburn's style became really trendy again. She just has the best fashion sense.
Best buy! Hand-me-downs from my mom! We have the same body frame so I usually grab whatever is in her closet and incorporate it into my wardrobe.
Vintage love. I just adore my mom's vintage jewelry and clothing. She seems to have a knack for spotting the best classic pieces such as a long black dress from Gap and  cute cardigans. She also has a beautiful collection of necklaces and bangles.

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