Style Files: Pauline Birosel

Get to know this stylish girl who loves switching up her style and designing her own clothes by taking a look at her top looks!


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Name: Pauline Birosel
Age: 16
City: Manila
School: San Beda College

Versatile style. When it comes to my personal style,  I would say country western looks as my favorite but I would still consider my style as versatile. I like trying different types of styles, especially when it's not my usual look. I  generally want my style to keep progressing and I really want to engage myself into different genres of style.
Personal shopper. I usually design my own clothes and then I send it to our family's tailor. I find designing my clothes really fun because I can really put all the details that I want. But when it comes to boutiques, I usually go to Topshop and Cinderella. I also enjoy the occassional online shopping.
Style icon. Taylor Swift! I like how she dresses and I'm attracted to her style since she's into wearing vintage pieces and her outfits are inspired by the West. 
Style influence. Barbie dolls and magazines have definitely influenced my personal style. Dressing up has been my favorite thing to do since I was young. I have a dozen barbie dolls and a lot of clothes for them to try to the point that I would change their clothes everyday. I guess that's what started my love for fashion. Magazines like Total Girl and Candy have also influenced my style. 
Inside my closet. I go for black, red, white, and denim pieces. I think they just look so elegant. Lately, I've started collecting neon colored dresses.
Must-have accessory. Necklaces! I like how it can turn one plain top or dress into a very stylish one. Wearing necklaces adds so much style to your look.
Not wearing, ever. There's really nothing. I guess it's because I want to try everything. For me, no matter how unattractive an item looks, there's still the potential to turn it around, it all depends on how you style it and pull it off!
Trendy return. The Hepburn trend which means the return of A-line dresses. The look is just so simple but elegant!
Best bargain. Php100 pair of ankle boots that I bought in Landmark.
Vintage. I now own my mom's Vans that she wore during her dance class which she now lets me wear to my own dance classes.

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