Style Files: Dana Lopez

Find out where this stylish girl gets her fashion influence and what's inside her closet by taking a closer look at some of her favorite outfits!

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Name: Dana Lopez
Age: 19
City: Pasay
School: Asia Pacific College

Expressive style. Personally, I love art. I try to express how I feel through the clothes I wear. For me, fashion is an expression. It's an expression of one's inner self and it shouldn't be a reflection of everyone's expectations. Style, in my opinion, is something that represents your own rhythm.
Shopping musts. I usually shop at Forever 21 and Bayo. I love clothes that are vintage-looking and very girly. I also enjoy shopping at bazaars and thrift stores.
Style icon. My style icon is Emma Watson. Emma knows that everything she wears says something about her style. She tries to express herself with the clothes she wears. That's why I love her!
Stylish influence. My style was influenced by reading fashion blogs, magazines, and websites like Chictopia, Style Bible, and Lookbook. I love looking at how people dress up because it's what inspires me.
My closet. My clothes are mostly in neutral and pastels shades. I'm super into pastels and neons right now. I try to play around with different colors when coming up with my outfits.
Accesssory fave. A vintage watch and a stack of colorful bracelets.
No way! I would never wear winter boots (with fur) on a sunny day.
Trend return. The 1950s. I love the way girls dressed in the '50s. I consider the silhouettes to be classic and I love those pleated, flouncy skirts.
Best bargain. An Audrey Hepburn inspired polka dot dress from a thrift shop. I got it for only Php60 .
Vintage love. I own a pink cut out shirt from my mom. I love hand me down clothes given by my mom and lola because everything is so cool and pretty.

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